Vital update - 1.0.8

Windows build is up now. Rest to follow I presume.

  • Fixed some blurriness in the rotary modulation meters.
  • Scroll to preset when the selection changes.

What does this mean ?

If you’ve selected a preset using arrows it will auto scroll to show that preset

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Would be cool if this was also implemented for wavetables.

Just noticed that linux builds are now available at Just mac to come.


I’m waiting for the Mac version 1.0.8 :grin: it’s okay for me, that it isn’t available yet just wanted to let you know there is a mac user.

Thank you


Hi, any update on 1.0.8 for Mac…? I’m experiencing Vital stuttering issues with Ableton live 11 with 1.0.7…

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I’m not sure we’ll see another update based on the current vital software architecture. Who knows?
In October, Matt posted this comment in relation to an issue:

Here’s an example of the work:


Thanks! I was able to resolve the issue by switching from VST3 to VST. Love Vital :slight_smile:

When I go to Your products it still says 1.0.7

Also: the LV2 doesn’t work at all in either jalv.gtk3 or carla.

Click on all downloads link, and it will show you all the installers, including previous versions.

Sure, you can get to them, but in the personal product page it’s not there.
1.0.8 was released what, 10 months ago? Would be good to fix that page to display the latest version.

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Is the new version going to include support for asio drivers in Windows? I’m on a Windows 10 gaming laptop, and I have asio drivers installed, but Vital 1.0.7 doesn’t see them.

Just downloaded and installed 1.0.8- nope, still doesn’t recognise asio drivers- not that it sounds bad on directsound drivers, though. Going to test this in Ableton Live 11 now as someone else that has an MSI gaming laptop complained about it crashing when they tried to use it in AL 11. I’ll let you know.


Okay, I just tested this out, and don’t seem to be experiencing any major issues with it- it runs in Ableton Live 11 fine, and the vst3 is recognised and works. I’m on an MSI GE 75 Raider gaming laptop with an Intel Core i7 6-core cpu and 16 gb of DDR4 ram.

The only issue I have experienced is CPU spiking past 100% but this happens with other vst’s as well, such Synapse Audio Dune 3, and Arturia Pigments 3.5 on some voices. But I believe this is either an issue with Ableton, or it’s an issue with the laptop itself.

[quote=“wbyeats999, post:16, topic:5684”]
or it’s an issue with the laptop itself.[/quote]

What is the clock speed of your i7 or the model number such as i7 8700K etc. Single core speed is the key number.

Intel iCore 10750H Clock speed is 2.60 Ghz

That’s the core speed. The turbo speed is 5.0 GHz which should be more than adequate for most plugins. Your CPU benchmarks at 12,445 with a single core rating of 2,725.

As a long time power user of DUNE 3, I can confidently say if it’s hitting 100% on your CPU there is something wrong somewhere. Even on my most complex patches it rarely reaches 1/4 of that on my i7 8700K which has just slightly better benchmarks than your CPU.

Pigments is aptly named as it is an absolute CPU pig, one of the worst I’ve ever owned. Vital can be somewhat demanding but if it is programed wisely can be used in multiple instances without issue.

If you want to post at the Synapse forums I’ll be happy to help with any questions or issues with DUNE 3.