Progress on VST3 Mac version?

When this came out, I was floored that is was being offered for free. I felt it was definitely worth supporting Matt, so I bought the Plus version.

Although I wanted to get the Text to Wavetable option and spend a bit more, I held off to see how long it would take to get the Mac VST3 version working properly in Cubase (for those of you unaware, the VST3 version produces a spinning beachball wait of over 15 seconds or more on every mouse click…making it pretty useless on a Mac running Cubase). It was my sort of benchmark to see how quickly development would progress or stall.

It’s been 8 months since v1.0.7 was released and I have to wonder what’s going on with development of this terrific piece of work? The VST2 version works fine, but it feels like it could use some tweaking in some areas and I’d really like to see the VST3 version given some love.

The latest version of Vital is 1.0.8, you can get to it by clicking on the “All Downloads” button in the download page

I don’t have a mac so i can’t test if the vst3 works there.

If it doesn’t, just wait until the new update goes live. Tytel has been working on it for a while, it’s a pretty big update, all i know about it is that it’s a completely new graphics engine that fixes a lot of the bugs from the current build.

afro wrote:
“If it doesn’t, just wait until the new update goes live.”

That’s just what I’ve been doing. Matt has been aware of the Mac VST3 issue for quite some time. I was fishing for a rough ETA with my post.

I’m packing a lot of changes into the next version. Most of these changes are graphics related and this VST3+Mac+Cubase bug falls under that list.

I don’t have a release date yet but I’ll make an announcement when it’s ready.


Are you considering implementing the oversampling switch at a global level (ie not preset dependent)?

And overal CPU optimizations?