Vital PRO: What to expect from the 400+ presets?

Hi all,

while testing the free Vital version, I realized that the included presets don´t really match my musical style. Also, the presets which are sold in the store are mostly not my taste, but then I got the free pack by Echosoundworks and they are brilliant!

Still consider buying the Vital PRO version for those 400+ presets, however I have absolute no idea how they sound. Does anyone know if there is a Youtube link or if there are some audio demos?

Thanks a lot for any assistance on this.

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The preset packs are labelled ‘Plus’ and ‘Pro’ etc.

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Similar to the presets of the free Vital, The pro ones are very much artistic in nature. Amazing presets with crazy rich sounds and lots of movement. But not practical for every genre.

What style do you produce?

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Thank you Koldunya and qub1t for your assistance, much appreciated.
Currently, I am working more in the are of modern radio-oriented pop, where - of course - some quirky sounds are always welcome, but usually I would need more “basic” stuff and not too much experimental presets :wink:

I can’t help much with pop, but I built a free preset bank for house, and they are all pretty basic:

hi i am Shadow and soo the pro version contain more of than 400+ presets for make a lot of music and yea if you have more wavetables, sound presets, effects, etc and thats right