Free minimal house, dub soundbank

Here is a bank I’ve been working on for use in minimal house and dub techno tracks. 95 presets - tons of basses, synths, organs, pads, and dub stabs.

Be sure to explore the macros - most of these patches are very versatile with lots of macro mappings.


Direct link to vitalbank:


Basses are soo good! Thanks


love these… thank you so much


Amazing sounds! First I was hesitated to download since I don’t do minimal house or dub… But decided to give it a try: and WOW! Such a huge collection of amazingly good sounds!! Those lovely pads… basses… keys (I think I loved every single sound in this pack) :heart_eyes:
Thank you so much! :+1:

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Thanks for the kind words! I’m happy to hear that people can make use of the presets!

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Hey man! The github link doesnt seem to work anymore, is it possible to set up an updated download?

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Here is the link to the Repository itself: GitHub - jpriebe/qub1t-vital-presets: presets for the Vital software synth (

Click on “Code”, then “download as zip” to get everything.


Thanks, @Fannon - I have since added a second volume of presets, and I reorganized the repo, so I’m sure old links are broken. I’m terrible at the marketing aspect of this all. But the banks are both there - so now there’s nearly 200 presets for your enjoyment. Take and create!


Thanks a lot!

@qub1t : If you want to have stable links on GitHub for hosting, you could created a release (or two). This is also a bit easier for end users.

Example: Releases · Fannon/midi-chords-and-scales-pack · GitHub


Quite a pack! Thank you! :+1::ear: I haven’t even yet browsed through it all but I agree with @ludwig.hotmess these patches look very multi-genre, some classic sounds here. Hopefully I’ll learn something from your design with this too. Nice crispy sound.

These are awesome, thank you!