Vital - Pro (Early access) crashes

Hi there,

Vital - Pro (Early access) crashes every time I try to open it (in standolone and in my daw Cubase 12 PRO).

How to resolve the problem ?

Thanks a lot.

Sorry, it works perfectly !

Thanks for letting us know :smile:

Hi there, I thought I downloaded the Vital Pro 1.5.5 version but it was the 1.0.8.

The 1.5.5 version doesn’t work, the program shut down.

I can only use the 1.0.8 and it is a problem because when I download an external preset the program says “Preset was created with a newer version”…

Can anybody tell me how to resolve this problem ?

Thanks a lot.

What OS are you using? Windows, Mac, Linux?

Make sure your Graphics card is able to run v1.5.5
Does your laptop’s GPU hardware support OpenGL 3.2 ?

Hi there,
It was a graphic card problem. For Windows 10 the graphic card was updated but on the internet site of NVIDIA there were a newer update : it runs now.
Thanks for your help !