Vital doesn't play notes when the keyboard is pressed

When turning knobs, or not even touching them at all, Vital does not emit sound. If I program midi notes onto the pattern, however, it does play.

I’d like to experiment with sounds and preview them by clicking a note, but it seems like it’s impossible. please help me fix this issue. for context, I just installed the vst and have a subscription.

If I understand you correctly, you want to Vita to be able to “hold” a note you click so you can manipulate the parameters and hear the effect - is that correct?

Vital doesn’t do that at the moment (although it’s been requested - Arpeggiator with latch-mode and midi-out).

If you’re using a DAW, you could loop a midi note.
If you’re using vital standalone, then your computer keyboard can be used for note input - so you can hold a key down and change parameters with your mouse.

The keyboard seems to be mapped similarly to the one in Logic Pro (below), i.e. “A” triggers C

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Sorry! I wasn’t very informative, it seems.

I’m using a DAW. On FL studio, on most vst’s, if I press a letter like Z, Q, etc, it plays a note on the piano roll without adding it to a pattern ( akin to a preview of sorts) I press a random key while changing the knobs to get the desired sound.
On other vst’s this works, but on vital it only seems to emanate sound when there are midi notes recorded on the piano roll. there is no way for me to try out chords or specific notes using the computer’s keyboard.

Try turning on “Allow Plugin to Handle Keystrokes” from the button on the wrapper toolbar shown lit up below:



thanks for the response! I had it turned on though, disabled and enabled again and still nothing :frowning:

You said it works with other VSTs so that must mean “Typing keyboard to piano” is checked in the FL Studio Options. Are you using the VST 3 or VST 2 version of Vital? What version number of Vital? What version of FL Studio? Windows or Mac?

For the record the qwerty keyboard works to trigger Vital here in FL Studio 20.8.4 [build 2553] so it’s just got to be a setting somewhere.

Checking again, now no VST works rather than just vital, oh noes :frowning:

Vital is 1.07 (not sure how to check if I’m using VST 3 or 2) and FL is 20.7.3 tho. also where do I find that “Typing keyboard to piano” option?

Under the Options menu on the main toolbar. Make sure it’s checked. Since none of your VSTs work now It’s probably unchecked.


You check for VST 2 or 3 from the wrapper toolbar:


oh yay it worked!!! Thank you! it was the option after all. wonder how it got disabled, but either way, tysm to everyone who helped <3 I checked and the version is version 3. Thank you for the information!

Cool! I’m glad you got it working. :+1: