Vital does not save preset names (FL Studio)

I was excited to be able to download the free version of Vital today to try it out. Unfortunately I was also disappointed. I installed it with no problem and tested some of the presets in FL Studio. I liked one in particular called FM Drum Circle. I saved my project then closed FL and loaded it back up again. When I opened Vital that preset had been reset to the default “Init Preset”! This is a deal-breaker for me since I may use several instances of Vital in my project and there’s no way I would be able to remember what presets I had used. I hope this bug will be fixed soon. I wanted to upgrade to the Pro version but I guess I’ll wait until all the kinks are worked out.


Consolidate your midi to audio, or record the channel into Edison? It is a good temporary fix until that is worked out. Can also rename it to whatever your preset is and load them manually :confused:

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Thanks. Yeah, that’s a good idea. The only problem is that I often tweak the midi for a few days until I get the melody I want. I guess I could name the pattern the same name as the Vital preset and just select it again each time I load the project.

do you have the full version of FL?

Yes, I have the Producer version of FL Studio.

I’m using Live 11 Beta and it’s a crashed a few times, resulting in similar lost patches. Best way around it, until there is some way for the VST state to be saved/recalled, after close/crash, is to manually save stuff as you go.

Strange I haven’t seen that as an issue (Lots of people are using Vital in large projects so saving/loading is obviously working for them). I’ll have to see why it’s happening to you specifically.

I have the free version & i have FL studio (20.7.2),i can confirm that I have saved few presets with the FREE version.

Sadly can’t attach the preset for being a new user.

Thanks for your response. I have FL Studio 20.7.3 [build 1987] which I believe is the latest version. Not sure why but Vital doesn’t retain the selected preset when a project is saved and then loaded again.

Im using the same version and it does actually save the preset but not the preset name, it just shows “Init preset”

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I checked that and you’re right! The bug is that it doesn’t retain the preset name but the sound of the preset seems to be there. Thanks for the tip. I guess I’ll still have to name the track after the preset name though so I don’t forget what preset it was. At least until they fix this.

I can confirm the behavior here. FL Studio 20.7 patch name is not recalled in a project but the actual patch is.

I just tried and the same thing occurred in Cakewalk, Reaper, and Orion. This is with the Plus version


I’m having the same problem on the latest version of Reaper. Name of the preset not saved. Just “Init Preset”.
The sound of the preset and settings seem fine tho.

Wow, glad I didn’t buy it yet. It seems like a great synth though. They just need to work out these bugs.

No need to buy something which is free :wink:

Yeah, but you do get a lot of extra presets if you buy it. Plus I like to support (and encourage) the developer.

Yeah just had a bug where the preset name wasn’t saved to the project. I have a fix coming in the next version.

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This is fixed in the latest at - versino 1.0.4
This was an issue with saving (not loading) so it won’t recall the correct name of the preset for current projects but will work from now on after saving.

This is still happening for me, and I’m on vn 1.0.7. The patches save & load correctly, but the names are lost. The FL Studio file was saved using Vital 1.0.7 and immediately reopened (that is, it’s not an old .flp saved from a previous version of Vital - it was saved from vn 1.0.7) and it contains two instances of Vital, both of which are reset to INIT PRESET on load.

I can get Vital to show me the name of the patch by clicking the Save icon - if I do that it offers to save the patch under the current name. And it seems that closing the Vital instance & reopening it sometimes makes the patch name reappear, but not always - I’m not sure what the pattern is here.

I can see what’s happening now: FL Studio hides Vital when you click on another instrument, but doesn’t really close it unless you click the X. If you close Vital & reopen it (which I think most FLS users don’t normally do) then it restores the patch name; but if you just let FLS hide Vital, and then go back to it, it still says INIT PRESET.

So the surface problem is still there: saving & reopening a project makes your Vital synths change to INIT PRESET. But this is the workaround: close Vital manually and reopen it, and the patch name will be restored.

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