Vital does not save preset names (FL Studio)

Check your “Auto Select Linked Modules” setting in FL Studio’s General Settings.

For the record I do not have the same issue with patch names as you do.

If you’re on Windows the latest version of Vital is 1.0.8

I didn’t realise 1.0.8 was available - thanks.

Switching off Auto Select Linked Modules doesn’t help - it just makes the Vital instances pile up on top of each other (still showing INIT PRESET).

Maybe you meant I should try switching it on to see if that helps? It doesn’t, because although it looks like FLS is closing your instruments, it doesn’t restore the patch names - the only way to do that is to manually close the Vital instances & then reopen them.

I’ve tried both Auto Select Linked Modules On and Off and both ways patch names are recalled. FL Studio 20.8.3 build [2304] 64 bit. Windows 10

Are you using the VST2 or VST 3 version of Vital?