Vital crashing DAW

I have been using Vital with FL Studio for a while.

A few days ago I decided to download the latest version.

After installation, every time I try to open it, FL Studio crashes.

I uninstalled it and reinstalled the previous version and now that crashes too.

Can anyone please suggest what the problem might be?

I’m using Windows 11 and FL Studio 21



Are you able to start the standalone ?

I hadn’t tried that. I will try to find it. Thanks

No it doesnt.

I have just tried playing a track that uses Vital and it plays OK but when I click on it, it still crashes.

Are you using the default skin or another one ?

I am using the default

Maybe moving the 2 files from the appdat/roaming /vital files to the desktop and start again ?

I have just removed every vital file from my hard disk and also removed any reference to Vital from the registry and still have the same problem.

I think I might try an earlier version next to see if that works. I have been trying v1.5.5 up to now.

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Yes I recommend trying an earlier version as there seems to be several issues with 1.5.5

For the record Vital 1.5.5 works on two system here in FL Studio 21 but I am using Windows 10 not 11 so that may be a clue.

It could possibly be a graphics issue since you say Vital will play on a track but clicking on the interface causes crashes.

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Let me know :+1:

It appears that it is a graphics issue. I tried it in safe mode and it worked then tried low resolution video mode and it also worked on that. I still don’t understand why my previous version doesn’t work properly or know what to do now.

I have just tried v 1.5.1. Same.

What graphics adapter or card do you have? Even on this system which has ancient Intel onboard graphics, Vital 1.5.5 will work and on my studio system it works fine with a GTX 1050ti.

Intel(R)HD Graphics 4600 I just went back to my old PC on W7 and it worked fine. It was FL 12 however.

My internet system has Intel HD Graphics 2500 so Vital should work on your system.

I could be wrong but I seem to remember seeing other people reporting issues that were also running Win 11 but don’t quote me on that as my memory may be failing me.

Did you say the Standalone won’t work on your Win 11 system either? If not that would tend to point away from it being FL Studio as the cause.

Did you try posting at the FL Studio forums just to see what they say?

Are you using the VST 2 or VST 3 version of Vital? I recommend using the VST 2 version in FL Studio at least.

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The standalone does not work unless I use safe mode or low-resolution video mode.

Also, I am using VST 2.

I will post something on the FL Studio forum.

This is very interesting . I have just opened Audacity and it says " Incompatible plugin"

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\Vital.dll

Have you tried (re)installing 1.0.8 ? was that the version you were using before it all went wrong ?

I was using v 1.0.7. Yes, I have tried that and I get the same problem.