Vital crashes Reaper on Linux with preset sounds, except when loading FX offline



  • Software: using Reaper 6.77, on PopOS! 22.04 (a Debian / Ubuntu based distro), and Vital synth 1.5.5 from the x.deb package
  • I made some of my own presets and saved them, and downloaded some others.
  • I originally posted this similar post, and I’m having a similar problem again, but this post is a quicker read / more on point to the new problem.


  1. Create a reaper project, open any Vital synth (VSTi, VST3, CLAP), make a sound (anything different from the initialized preset on load), save it as a new preset. The sound works just fine.
  2. Save the reaper file, close Reaper.
  3. Reopen that same Reaper project, and it crashes at start. Won’t ever open. The same happens if I use a preset I downloaded from somewhere else, but it won’t crash if the preset isn’t saved in vital.
  4. Reopen the same project, but this time with “Open with FX offline (recovery mode)” turned on so vital synth sounds / settings are not loaded, then Reaper will open just fine. MIDI will show on the editor, but no sounds will play.
  5. So I’ll turn each instrument back on one at a time (go to FX, right click FX > Offline FX = uncheck it), and there is no crash when I turn them on. Everything plays just fine now.


Why does Vital crash on load, but not when I load each instrument 1 by 1 when the FX are turned off?? Is there any way to fix this??