Vital 1.5.x crashes while opening its GUI

If I open Vital in standalone it crashes always shortly after showing its (empty) GUI Window. If I open a DAW project, which includes any instance of Vital 1.5.x (VST3 or CLAP) it will work just fine as long you don’t open its GUI, then it will crash immediately. Vital 1.0.x works just fine…

Toshiba Sattelite P50t-B-10T, I7 4710HQ, 16GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4600
Windows 10 Pro, Version 10.0.19044 Build 19044, with all the latest driver updates
Bitwig Studio 4.3.8, Reaper 6.6.7


I seem to get the same crash in Bitwig and Live 10.1
Vital 1.5.x
My older Vital version was working fine, but cannot remember which version it was :slightly_smiling_face:

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i have the same problem on my MacPro with Mac Os 10,14 (Xeon 6 core)
the version 1,0,7 work perfectly alone or in my daw (n-track)
but the version 1,5,x crash in lauch of the alone version and crash my daw for the plugin
If i used the 1,0,7 my suscription is not see and i can’t play some sound !!

Same problem - host crashes while opening Vital GUI. Tried all installers from 1.5 to 1.5.3 several times. 1.08 works fine. Tried in Renoise, Reaper and Live also in standalone mode. My hardware specs: CPU: Intel Core I7, 32Gb RAM, Nvidia GTX 1060 6Gb, Win 8.1 with all latest updates

If Vital crashes after installing the new version you probably use a custom skin.

Before installing choose the Default skin inside Vital, close Vital (or DAW) and then install.

After installing you may choose an old custom skin (I could but I cannot garantee that all skins will be usable).

Had the same problem. Worked for me.

EDIT: Checked it, most of old skins work but not all of them.

Tried it. I reinstalled 1.08 and went back to the default skin, than reinstalled 1.5. Id didn’t make any difference, Vital 1.5 just crashes on GUI startup.

This happens here as well. Sorts itself out after a reboot

(Win 10)


I try to install it with the application Pacifist instead of the installer system
And now it’s work …
strange !

nb : mac only

I uninstalled Vital 1.5.3 and then installed 1.5.5. The same crash happens.

I tried installing 1.5.5 to a computer with Windows10 operating system.
The plugin seemed to work ok. So maybe this has something to do with Windows7 or just my old computer still using Windows7. Where early versions of Vital worked though.

Has anyone got a solution to Vital crashing on GUI screen? @Tytel maybe?
I can’t open it in standalone or as a plug in since updating (had no issues with the older version) Or where can I install the older version? I’m running it on Windows 10 64 bit.

Same issue for me. V 1.0.7 works very well but 1.5.5 doesn’t open.

If you have an issue then provide more information like system specs.

Vital 1.5.5 opens and works just fine on two different systems and five different DAWs here including this system which is my internet computer, an ancient i5 3470. Both systems run Win 10 21H2.

There were significant graphics changes between 1.0.8 and 1.5.5 so something to do with those changes is affecting some systems and not others.

The more information you can give the better the chances the cause of the crashes can be identified.

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It seems that from Sep’22 there are people with the same problem, Vitality crash opening Standalone or as VST. I think everyone of them with their OS (Mac,Windows,Linux…), their Processor, Graphics card, DAW, etc. and all of them doesn’t have problems with the older 1.0.7/8 version. Perhaps Vital was made with an OS and computer specific and it isn’t plenty tested.
My system is:
Windows 10 Home
Intel Quad core 2.40 GHz, RAM 8Gb
DAW Reaper V6.73
Graphics card NVidia GT 630, 2GB video RAM
Open GL 4.6
Audio Asio
I hope somebody can solve this problem and give a solution.

Hi, what i think we should do here is cross reference the systems that work and the systems that dont so people can identify…then its a process of elimintaion…evidence points at it being a graphics issue for some,not by my pc right now but ill upload my spec when i can…gotta find a solution to this as i love this synth…big ups Matt !!

Vital is crashes on my setup too.
I use flatpak version of Bitwig studio 4.4.6

There is a reason why some systems have issues with 1.5.5 and some don’t. It’s all the same code in Vital so the problem lies with either systems specs, OS, or with certain DAWs.

Like I said 1.5.5 works just fine on two systems here, one of which has onboard Intel graphics and the other with an Nvidia GTX 1050ti card, both running Win 10 21H2 and both with Intel CPUs.

Whenever anyone reports an issue (with any software) we need the weigh the number of people who report the same issue against the number of people who do not report the same issue.

The fewer people who report it usually means the more obscure the issue/bug is and I can say that as someone who has been a private beta tester for a lot of plugins.

Perhaps the people who have reported the issue are using some odd system scaling or dual monitors etc.

As you say if people submit their system specs a pattern can be established and the cause of the issue might become clear.

Heres my graphics spec

Ok that helps. For the record my internet system has Intel HD Graphics 2500 and Vital works fine here. (1920x1080).

Look likes the installed drivers are pretty much the same.

Graphics specs

What does it show when you run dxdiag?