Vital 1.5.1 Crashes on Launch

Does the new 1.5.1 update work on Windows 7 (64-bit?)

I know the previous version worked fine on this OS, but I just installed the new update (I did restart the PC after installation as instructed). But Vital now immediately crashes upon launch (the GUI doesn’t even have chance to instantiate in the plugin window before the crash).

I tried the Standalone version, which instantly crashes to desktop.

I also tried loading the VST and VST3 formats in the current version of FL Studio 20, but they also crash the DAW.

I’d suggest to try to update graphics drivers if possible (wild guess that your issue is related to it). Sadly the support for Windows 7 ended on 14th of January 2020 which means sooner or later you can expect things to not work as intended or not work at all…

It would be best to try to update your machine to at least Windows 10 in near future.

Good luck!

What graphics card do you have?

I switched to using Direct3d11 on Windows and a couple of graphics cards don’t support the feature main feature list. If that’s the issue I’m looking into supporting older Direct3D9 or OpenGL 2.1 (which is ancient and what I’m using on Linux so shouldn’t be too hard)

Also want to add I don’t technically support Windows 7

Okay. I will go back to v1.0.8 on this Windows 7 device.

Actually can you try redownloading version 1.5.1 and see if it works for you now?
I fixed a few things and expanded support to older computers so wondering if that covers your issue.