Vital 1.5.1 Crashes on Launch

Does the new 1.5.1 update work on Windows 7 (64-bit?)

I know the previous version worked fine on this OS, but I just installed the new update (I did restart the PC after installation as instructed). But Vital now immediately crashes upon launch (the GUI doesn’t even have chance to instantiate in the plugin window before the crash).

I tried the Standalone version, which instantly crashes to desktop.

I also tried loading the VST and VST3 formats in the current version of FL Studio 20, but they also crash the DAW.


I’d suggest to try to update graphics drivers if possible (wild guess that your issue is related to it). Sadly the support for Windows 7 ended on 14th of January 2020 which means sooner or later you can expect things to not work as intended or not work at all…

It would be best to try to update your machine to at least Windows 10 in near future.

Good luck!

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What graphics card do you have?

I switched to using Direct3d11 on Windows and a couple of graphics cards don’t support the feature main feature list. If that’s the issue I’m looking into supporting older Direct3D9 or OpenGL 2.1 (which is ancient and what I’m using on Linux so shouldn’t be too hard)

Also want to add I don’t technically support Windows 7


Okay. I will go back to v1.0.8 on this Windows 7 device.

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Actually can you try redownloading version 1.5.1 and see if it works for you now?
I fixed a few things and expanded support to older computers so wondering if that covers your issue.

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I am having the same problem with Vital 1.5 crashing; all I see is a black screen when Vital tries to open up as a Standalone and within 5 seconds it closes. It also crashes Studio One Pro too. This only happens on my laptop which has Windows 10 (64-bit).

win7 x64 same problem. new version vital breaks daw when starting vst. sad

Win7 and 8 are not (and never were) officially supported.

what daw are you using?

fl studio

this version 1.0.8 works 4 me 2 but newer ones still keep crashing on call. maybe there are dependencies of windows that are packed with older versions that make it work while new versions setup just doesnt installs them ?

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I’m currently operating on Windows 10 Pro and suffering the same issue. I open a new reaper session, input a virtual instrument track and when I choose vital it crashes my daw. Been having this problem since November last year. Both versions 1.0.7 & 1.5.5 crash the daw no matter what. Any solutions?

(re) move the skins folder and try again.

Same problem win 7 Reaper it immediately crashes where as 1.0.8 worked without issues. I hope this can get fixed or has it been fixed. In even newer versions? my only reason for updating is I have vital banks that throw the error was made with a newer version so I really do need the newer versions of Vital to function on Win 7 without having to fiddle with drivers and such everything I own instrument and vst wise runs fine and now all of a sudden this version of Vital will not run. For now i will try and go back to 1.0.8 but do hope there is a fix.

I just Looked at the changes list 1.5,1 and I bet that the problem is what was mentioned, the older versions supported OPEN GL and that’s been changed so I hope you can add dual support so it can run as OPEN GL if a comp requires it and if not it uses the newer direct x.

Strange I have had both 1.0.7 and 1.0.8 and all older versions working perfectly but anything newer just crashes the minute it try’s to load in Reaper at least. Is Mat Alive all I hear is crickets I hope he did not abandon us hear.

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He was here november 8 2023.

I also have this issue with Vital 1.5.5. I’m using Reaper and Windows 10 and Vital crashes it every time. The standalone version doesn’t run ether.

The problem only happens from version 1.5.1 onwards (earlier versions are fine) which is a pain because I’ve just bought a soundbank which doesn’t run on earlier versions.

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Same issues why make it incompatible, and break things that worked fine the original version l mentioned 1.0.8 all worked with out issue I hope he can revisit the code that allowed the original versions before 1.5.1 to work perfectly on even older systems although I see you have the issue even on 10 really he should just build in the compatibility as I saw some post where he said it shouldn’t be a tool much to do I which he would post back here. I too cant use some sound banks that sadly were made in a new er version. Really annoying when it was not broken before. And all other plugins that also have animated displays work fine so I guess its not an open GL problem but something he did broke the new version completely on both older and even some newer win os based systems it seems. And no I cant just update everything I need the new versions of the synth to just work as they should just like 1.0.8 and all other versions did till now.

Mat if you see this please fix the problems caused with changes made to the original working code all others worked fine. Please go back to what worked for most. We need to have all sound banks work.
and a big problem is many time we have no idea if the banks we are getting were made with a version newer then whet we have till we try it so this overall is bad I now have many that will not work as I am stuck at 1.0.8 please if you could work on this issue it would be much appreciated by all of us experiencing the instant crash yielding any newer the 1.0.8 version unusable.

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Issue with Vital 1.5.5. I’m using Cubase 13 and Windows 10 and Vital crashes it every time. The standalone version didn’t run either. Read here about uninstalling and going back to Vital 1.0.7. So did this and everything works fine again. I’m not computer savvy enough to understand why 1.5.5 doesn’t work.

1.5.5 does not work for you because it tries to render the GUI in a different way than the 1.0.7, and your Graphics card together with its drivers is unable/too old to do it.