Vital 1.0.6 released

Saw talk of this on the forum, and I can see that there was an announcement on the Discord server.

Download from your account page here -

FYI - at the time of posting, I can see no 1.0.6 Linux build.

Change log is:

  • Added custom skin loading in advanced panel
  • Fixed a possible hang in some DAWs on startup when not logged in
  • Fixed overwriting old file with ctrl-s after loading new preset
  • Fixed LFO search field not selectable
  • More screen resolution fixes

Linux builds are there now :slight_smile:

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1.0.7 now too. :crazy_face: win + linux


Linux LV2 still fails to produce a GUI. Is this ever going to work?

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Posted about it here: Vital.lv2 1.0.7 crashes carla when opening gui

I see 1.0.7 Mac build is now up.

Change log for 1.0.7:

  • Added ‘Skip version’ option to new update screen
  • Fixed skin selection reloading when new files added
  • Fixed some colors not updating when a new skin is selected