Vital.lv2 1.0.7 crashes carla when opening gui

carla 5:2.3~rc1+git20210216

In jalv.gtk3 it runs without gui, just as before

Also tried in Element, but it seems they only have X11 or generic GUI for LV2 at the moment.

The lv2 is broken in ardour 6.6, Reaper 6.25 and Muse sequencer 3.1.1 on Arch Linux. I’m using the Linux generic package from the website at version 1.0.7.

Yeah I’ll have a fix for the LV2 version in the next build.

Working with 1.0.8, until you close and reopen the window!

I found another issue with the VST3 one on Linux, if you try to scale it to 200% it scales more like 800% but keeps the window small. But using the VST3 plugin at 135% seems to work.

Carla uses JUCE internally to host vst plugins and there’s an issue with vst3 and scaling. U-He plugins have an issue with this as well.
This is an upstream (JUCE) problem and I’m trying to figure out the best way to report this.

In the mean time I’m using the LV2 build of Vitalium (Distrho port) which seems way more reliable than Vital on Linux at this point.

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Vital crashes in Renoise using MX linux, when you reopen the plugin is when this seems to happen, would be so pleased to have this up and running,