Very high CPU usage

Yeah, High Performance profile is on


Init Patch at idle with GUI open in Reaper. i5 3470 desktop with onboard Intel graphics. In FL Studio having the Vital GUI open does increase CPU in the Task Manager meter by about 14% but again this is my under powered internet computer running at a core speed of 3.2 Ghz and turbo 3.6Ghz.

Checked my OpenGL again, after @robbert-vdh wrote about OpenGL 4.6

  • KDE on Kubuntu shows “using OpenGL 3.1
  • but glxinfo | grep “core profile” is showing OpenGL core profile version string: 4.6 (Core Profile) Mesa 21.0.0-devel

Don’t know why there is such a difference. Maybe that’s ok, maybe not. Have to research that, but thought, that it might be from interest?

Checked vital on my Windows computer

  • Intel Core i5-4670 CPU @ 3.40 GHz
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 970

On idle mode, one vital process is eating up 20% (power profile) CPU

And when resizing the window ath the lower right edge, after releasing the mouse button, the window looks like that and I am not able to reach the upper parts of vital, until I close and restart vital. The 120 in the upper right corner comes from my nvidia)

What comes in my mind, that may be from interest: I’m using an both machines a DPI resolution of 125%

@odo. Do you have visibility of what applications are using the gpu. I have a GForce gpu in my laptop but most apps just use the basic motherboard graphics chip set, (and when I click the GForce icon it shows empty.( nothing using it)).
Apps that need awesomo graphico powero have to be written to use a separate gpu if available - but most don’t need it, so the gpu does phuck-all except twiddle its thumbs.
When I run Vital, the GForce icon shows that Vital is using it. And my CPU is quite low.

Yep, I have issues with anything other than 100%
But then my text is really tiny!

Im not sure that i understand you. I don’t have a separate view of processes that are using my gpu. But from time to time im running apps, that are using GPU heavily. So there is the option, if a program is able to do it.

I discovered another thing. It seems that vital never stops processing, even there is nothing to process. Just having the init patch loaded, changing the oversampling from draft to 8x and not touching anything else, dramatically increases the CPU usage.

Vital should detect, when it is idleing and when it has to process something. I think the problem is located somewhere close this topic.

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That is interesting about the contours processing. :thinking:
I’m running Windows, and there’s a GForce icon in the ‘system tray’ at the bottom of the screen. If I click on it, it shows me what applications are using it. :slight_smile:

Early macbook pro 2013 and running like serum for me 5-20% depending on patch, or the sort of patches I use. The machine gets hot though because of the graphics, I have had to disable my discrete graphics card because it crashes my whole computer if gets even a little work so my cpu is doing the graphics too, happens with VCV rack and other open gl software too… (that is if I undersood correctly how these things work, but now my computer atleast does not crash)

Mehhh… Atm this is unworkable, killing a 16core processor…

Does it multithread?

Totally killing CPU load atm…?

Any ideas?

Unfortunately it may be something we just cant use.

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I’m using it just fine on an i5 3470 and i7 8700k. Not killing the CPU at all.

try harder.

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Why don’t you try harder by posting a patch that “kills” your CPU ? Like I said I’m using it just fine here.

I’m using Renoise in Ubuntu 20 on a 2013 MacBook and CPU is maxed out

Hopefully this helps narrow things down for debugging, but I’m on a 2015 MBP and I’m currently running over 20 instances of Vital in Ableton, only hitting ~30% during playback, 10-15% idle. Smooth sailing. Specs attached.


I have three instances of Vital with different patches including Abbysun that puts the Ableton CPU meter up between 45% and 55%; idle is around 9 - 11% which is about normal for my system.

In Windows Task Manager, CPU load is up to 16% and GPU is 15% with vital; system idle is 5% CPU and 10% GPU with just Ableton open.

Removing the Abbysun track seems to reduce the CPU meter by about 20%.

When switching between tracks, I also get audio glitches and the Ableton CPU meter spikes up by about 10% each time.

Desktop PC:
Ableton 10.1.30
Windows 10
Intel i7-4790K @ 4.0 GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
16 Gig RAM

I found a big cause of the usage, especially with idle is the Phaser effect. Followed by the reverb.

@craftalmusic Are you running 20 instances of an init patch? Here’s my specs and vital is heavy on the CPU! I can almost certainly guarantee your CPU would spike on 1 instance of a heavy processed/modulated patch.

Nah, these are all different patches with a bunch of modulation. Idk what to tell you. Even before I started freezing (not flattening) tracks, CPU was never getting above 40%. Maybe Vital isn’t playing nice with your CPU model?