Very high CPU usage

Why don’t you try harder by posting a patch that “kills” your CPU ? Like I said I’m using it just fine here.

I’m using Renoise in Ubuntu 20 on a 2013 MacBook and CPU is maxed out

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Hopefully this helps narrow things down for debugging, but I’m on a 2015 MBP and I’m currently running over 20 instances of Vital in Ableton, only hitting ~30% during playback, 10-15% idle. Smooth sailing. Specs attached.


I have three instances of Vital with different patches including Abbysun that puts the Ableton CPU meter up between 45% and 55%; idle is around 9 - 11% which is about normal for my system.

In Windows Task Manager, CPU load is up to 16% and GPU is 15% with vital; system idle is 5% CPU and 10% GPU with just Ableton open.

Removing the Abbysun track seems to reduce the CPU meter by about 20%.

When switching between tracks, I also get audio glitches and the Ableton CPU meter spikes up by about 10% each time.

Desktop PC:
Ableton 10.1.30
Windows 10
Intel i7-4790K @ 4.0 GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
16 Gig RAM

I found a big cause of the usage, especially with idle is the Phaser effect. Followed by the reverb.

@craftalmusic Are you running 20 instances of an init patch? Here’s my specs and vital is heavy on the CPU! I can almost certainly guarantee your CPU would spike on 1 instance of a heavy processed/modulated patch.

Nah, these are all different patches with a bunch of modulation. Idk what to tell you. Even before I started freezing (not flattening) tracks, CPU was never getting above 40%. Maybe Vital isn’t playing nice with your CPU model?

It does appear to be the OpenGL rendering inside of JUCE that’s causing this issue, I wonder if Matt can use Metal rendering just for the macOS version? I appreciate it’ll be more work with two slightly different codebases for Mac & Windows then but it’s only going to continue being a big CPU problem for a lot of Mac users otherwise.

I don’t think it should be only fixed in macos, since a lot mackies writing they have also problems. This is a general problem for all OSes with different configurations.

I also think that it is a GPU 2 CPU related problem, but at the end “If nothing is running, nothing should run”. At the moment there are some tasks, that are running on high speed, even if they are not needed or used. Like you never put away your food from the gas pedal of your car, even you are waiting in front of a red traffic light.

here is a kvr link to post by urs heckmann in re CPU/graphics problems since mojave

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I can confirm similar poor performance. Twice as much CPU as an instance of U-he Diva. I’m using a decent laptop with GeForce GT730M, Intel Core i7-4710MQ, 16gb RAM, SSD.
Running KDE Neon based on Ubuntu 20.04

How are you measuring cpu usage?
Vital will probably use overall more CPU usage than Diva because of all the animated graphics, but the DSP usage should what diva normally gets.

Seems like a lot of CPU reports come from laptop users. Didn’t some people say early on that the Linux version defaults to 8X oversampling?

I don’t think Vital should use twice as much CPU as Diva especially when Diva is in Divine mode.

I’m using htop (top) to get an info how much resources a program or tasks are using.

In those screenshots I only started Vital and didn’t click something in Vital

Here in Powersave mode (AC pluged in)

And here Full power 4,5 GHz (AC pluged in)

Ah hmm that is a lot higher than it should be. Vital does use a lot of CPU than a lot of synths updating the graphics but it’s lower priority than the audio thread so shouldn’t interfere with processing. Will need to see why the graphics are using a whole core in this case though…


Just two Vital in Renoise !!! I don’t know much about it, but that’s not normal ?

Ubuntu mate 20.04 // 16GB memory // i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz × 4 // GeForce GTX 750 Ti/PCIe/SSE2

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Hi Matt,
I was looking at the DSP load in Ubuntu Studio controls. After pressing 2-3 notes on my midi keyboard it would rise above 50% and i would get xruns. That is on 512 buffer with one instance of Vital in Bitwig and no other plugins.

My laptop is no beast but i can normally run Bitwig, 4 or 5 VST instruments, some VST effects and get by with a 256 buffer and no xruns… worst case scenario 512, but with Vital one instance is bringing it down.

If I can help you diagnose the issue let me know - if you would like me to take specific measurements or do any experiments I’m very happy to help

Hello - my htop looks exactly the same as yours when i run an instance of Vital in Bitwig… did you ever figure out a solution?

No, there is no solution yet. This is a bug and we have to wait until it is fixed.
I would love to use vital and make some tutorials, but currently it is not possible.

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yes! me too!