[UI] [Linux] Cannot close dropdown menus

I cannot close an open dropdown menu (no matter which) by clicking outside the menu area. It seems to work only once after opening Vital’s UI. After that, I can only close a menu by selecting a menu item.

Environment: Arch Linux, Gnome 3.38 with Wayland
Doesn’t happen under Windows.

Standalone? vst3? lv2?

Right, should have mentioned this, problem appears only in plug-in versions:

  • VST2 and VST3 in REAPER
  • LV2 in Ardour

Standalone working fine.
Also, an important detail is that in wavetable editor, the issue as described above is not present. Instead, there is a different one: selecting items from a menu does not perform the underlying action most of the time.

Update: problem is gone when switching to X11 desktop session


So, it seems to be a compatibility issue specific to Wayland.

Wayland has a lot of quirks to sort out before it’s generally usable (imo).