How to close popup menu?

Popup menus, like in the matrix target selection or here in the filter selector, are staying open forever in Reaper, even when I close and reopen the plugin. They disappear only when reopening Reaper. Using Ubuntu 23.04.

The problem does not occur in the standalone version. It does happen in Ardour. Tried both the CLAP and VST3 versions - same bug.

I don’t know where to start - is this a problem with Vital, Reaper, Gnome, X, or Nvidia? Thanks.

(I see this question is similar, but from three years ago and was using Wayland - [UI] [Linux] Cannot close dropdown menus. Going to log a github issue I guess - Popup menus are never closing in Linux · Issue #44 · mtytel/vital · GitHub)

there should be a big “X” at the upper right corner of the popupwindow

working here on mac, mojave in hostingAU and Logic

also, when clicking in the selector field, in your example the one with the title “Linear”,
the popup should vanish

Thank you but this doesn’t work.

  1. The destination popup menu in the matrix doesn’t have a close button, and the menu there never closes.
  2. The problem is occurring on Linux, and afaik Mojave is an Apple OS.

Ah! But while testing what you said I found a workaround - clicking the choose filter button in the Voice section closes the popup menu in the Matrix section, and vice versa. So now I can switch back and forth between the two panes to reveal the part of the synth I need to work on

probably that’s what i meant…