UI Lags (on Windows) in Reaper and Reason

Hi there
I’m currently running on Intel HD 2500 integrated graphics (temporarily I hope), and experiencing heavy UI lag in Reaper and Reason specifically. It runs perfectly in FL Studio, Bitwig and Live, so I don’t think it’s a hardware limitation necessarily. Curious whether there’s anything I could try to resolve it. The audio responds to my mouse movement but the UI doesn’t often update unless I click away from Vital and back again.

Hi, to avoid creating a new, but similar topic…
I’m too having some problems with Reaper, about UI,
it doesn’t load completely and the left part isnt shown,
using vst3i I can’t scroll the screen,
to access the lower part of the plugin, and in both
the vst3i and vsti versions the window size is not
resizable, by enabling and disabling the UI option,
Reaper crashes, in standalone mode works perfectly,
the problems have been happening within DAW,
for reference I’m using win 8.1, intel i3 + hd graphics
and Reaper in on v6.15

Hey man. If you click on the Vital logo you get various scaling options. Your issue sounds less like mine and more like this: Broken rendering on external monitor

That said, we have similar specs. I’m on an i3-3240 with Intel HD Graphics, and I forgot that I’m also on Windows 8.1, which isn’t actually listed as supported by Vital.

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Can you give me some more information on your setup?
Like OS+version, screen+ is it high dpi?

I’m wondering if it’s rendering a lot more pixels than it needs to in Reaper/Reason because of some scaling issue.

Hi Matt! Appreciate the reply.

I’m running Windows 8.1. Resolution is 1600 x 900 with no scaling, though I tried 1080p as well. My screen is 1080p.

It doesn’t look any bigger/smaller in DAWs where it’s smooth, and in Reaper it doesn’t get snappier if I scale it down to 50%.


Supported Operating Systems:

Windows: 10 and higher

MacOS: 10.12 and higher

Ubuntu Linux 18.04 and above

System Requirements:

64 bit only

OpenGL 3 or higher

Updated to Windows 10 version 20H2 (only had 8.1 for my old graphics card). No change.

Tried it in Cakewalk by Bandlab. Lagging there too. Live, FL and Bitwig are the three that are smooth for me.

Hi Matt, I found the culprit! It’s Windows’ High Contrast mode. My theme settings carried over when I updated from 8.1 to 10, and it never occurred to me that this could cause problems. Reason and Reaper both use elements of Windows’ UI, whereas FL and Ableton are fully skinned - perhaps this has something to do with it.

I was using a customized high contrast theme because REAPER ignores Windows’ dark mode and some elements are blindingly white. I’ll have to bother them about this some more.

Thanks for the find!
I hope this is something I can fix on my end. Will have to look into it.

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You rock.
It was affecting Massive X as well. I’m going with a 3rd-party Windows theme for now to avoid using High Contrast. Curious to see if I notice other performance benefits.