Broken rendering on external monitor

I’m using vital (VST3) on Windows 10, with a laptop going into an external monitor. The DAW I’m using is FL version 20.7.3. My normal laptop resolution is 1920x1080, and vital renders fine, however when it’s plugged into an external display (2560x1440), the items show up in the wrong spots and are smushed together. The location of the items on the window are not equivalent to where their click area is. Pretty weird stuff :crazy_face:

Someone on another topic said that FL’s interface scaling was a problem. I also had mine set at 125%, and setting it back to 100% fixed the problem. However 125% seems to be totally fine on my laptop monitor for some reason.

Yeah, it definitely has to do with FL Studio. In the standalone version it has no issues going from one screen to another. If your main FL screen is on the monitor, then it won’t glitch out. It’s only when you detach it to another screen.

Hi there,

Got the exact same problem with Logic Pro X (10.5.1).

I saw a few other people who had the issue with Ableton, so I guess it’s not just FL. From what I saw, Matt said he’s on the issue.

That also happens to me on my external vga screen :frowning:

Same problem on Logic Pro 10.6

This should be fixed in the latest - 1.0.4 -

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Thank you MT! I noticed it working one day, what a great synth; you are an inspiration!