UI lag in macOS + no presets?

I really want to get the pro version of Vital but I want to try the first version first to make sure.

first of all, I have no presets with the free version and no oscillators too… Is that normal?

Second, every time I click a button or want to change a parameter after I click I get the spinning wheel after about 3-4 seconds and only then I can move things around.
Anybody else is seeing this behavior?

Running on Mac Pro 2019 28-core as VST in Cubase macOS 10.15.7


No spinning wheels but everything is empty, lol. No presets either.

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There is an issue with vst3 in Cubase on mac… Brought it to Matt’s attention when the In My Mix option.
He said he would look at it.
I guess he didn’t…
hopefully he will soon.

Meanwhile the vst2 version works (you have to remove the vst3 version from the vst3 folder)

Also for the download of content, I assume you are online.

Try it in the standalone (I didn’t initially realise there is a standalone version for mac too).

Just Chiming in…

Total GFX Lag… Cannot use it like this…

Making my whole systems gfx sluggish…


Thanks & hope you get it sorted=)

edit: Standalone GFX seems fine strangely…
(possible solution: a setting to turn off opengl rendering)

No presets for me, either (macOS High Sierra, Logic 10.4.8).
Maybe not a real issue, but I’d really love a manual - can’t find anything on my machine at all.

Yeah I haven’t been able to track down this issue on Cubase + Mac but it seems to only affect the VST3. If you delete the VST3 from /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3 the VST should show up in Cubase.

I’ll reply here when there’s a fix.

i have no presets or tables in standalone either

Same here.

Hi Matt=)

Thx for chiming in =)

vst3 works in cubase… just laggy gfx and no content

Same here. Using AU or VST or Standalone. Lag while changing panels view (Voice, Effects, Matrix, Advanced) + No presets, and no Wavetables.
Clicking on “Download Content” doesn’t do anything. I have a friend who is on Windows and it works like a charm… so that’s about the Mac OS version I presume.
I guess we’ll have to wait for an update.

MacOS Catalina and LPX 10.6. No presets either in AU or standalone.

Ok, yeah!
Deleting the VST3 and working with VST2 fixed the lag.
Would be nice to be able to get the VST3 version working properly eventually.

No presets in standalone or VST still…

confirmed. Vst2 version works fine
(besides missing content- but yay, now i can use it)

Same here, OSX Mojave, plugins runs well as standalone and in DAW, but everything’s empty, and no presets downloading.

on windows — working well. mac — same: no downloading…

Same here no presets.

All works fine but no presets. Sounds great though from what I can hear.

i also have no presets, but my biggest issue is that i have only the default sawtooth available and nothing else available to select. is this the same for anyone else as well? i logged in and out and that didnt fix it

Fwiw, when I click onto the preset lane of either an LFO or the wavetable selection, I’m actually getting a preset selection browser with a green “Download content” button, but clicking onto that button doesn’t do anything.

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