Ubuntu, works standalone, GUI crashes in Bitwig 3.3

Hey y’all

Vital // free edition
Ubuntu 20.04
ALSA w/Focusrite 2i4
Bitwig Studio 3.3

Using Ubuntu 20.04. the native Linux app outside of the DAW works flawlessly for me so far

The GUI crashes on load in Bitwig 3.3. Vital will load and stay loaded for use with Bitwig’s native controls, but that of course doesn’t represent nearly all the functionality I’d like

As soon as I can load it in Bitwig, I’m gonna get the top priced version, of course!

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have you tried to run plugins inside Bitwig?
Dashboard->settings->plug-ins->plug-in hosting mode->within Bitwig

I’ve tried all of the BWS plugin hosting modes and Vital’s UI crashes in all of them the very moment it receives focus e.g. fro mthe mouse pointer. Linux Mint 20 (Ubuntu 20.04). There’s a slightly older thread which discuses the matter, see here:

(The standalone Vital works fine)

Think this was fixed with that latest version of Bitwig.