Tutorial on exploring some of the possibilities of FM and audio rate modulation in Vital

Even though it is marketed as an advanced wavetable synth (which no doubt it is), Vital has imho offers quite a bunch of interesting and unusual possibilities for those wishing to venture in the world of FM and audio rate modulation in general, in this video I explored a few of those, I hope you like it.

Hope you like it :slight_smile: let me know your impressions


I did quite a few things with audio rate stuff, for instance Splice Waveforms Experiment (Audio Rate Modulation)
The interesting thing is that the LFOs can run synced to the note and thus in audiorate. Now if you choose to have a sound which is based on a sine, you can choose to split up that sine and replace parts of the sine waveform with arbitrary other waveforms. It’s not like mixing noise to the sound, it’s really replacing parts of the sine wave with other material.
Splice Waveforms Experiment (Audio Rate Modulation)

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I know :slight_smile: I had seen it and also used it in some patches of mine, thanks.

Your insights have been invaluable in my own exploration of the synth; Do you have a YT channel or anywhere I can find more material from you, or maybe even just a link I can share in the description of some other videos I could make?

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Hey platipo,

no, sorry, I’m not into youtube or videos … may be I’ll start someday :wink:
I just mentioned my “old” patch because I think this audio rate modulation thing is a real cool feature of Vital. And it gives room for very unique sounds … When I check out a new synth, I always try to find capabilities that are unique and add something completely new to the synth arena. Fathom for instance has this “leave one out” oscillator where every second cycle the modulation is skipped … or like Waverazor with their very unique “shredding” oscillator…
Vital with it’s audio rate modulation allows to kind of simulate what I have learnt in Fathom or Waverazor… Anyway… just talking too much. Keep up the good work!