The "Thank you, Matt Tytel" Thread

this thread has the purpose for you folks to just say thanks to the dev(s).

I am not overviewing all features of vital synth yet, but so far I didnt encounter any major bugs. it seems to be a very powerful tool, although CPU load could be less. but hey, this is arguing on high level.

what I wanna add is: Thank you, Matt Tytel - for providing us with this awesome VSTi for free.


I didn’t even think about running this stuff in the various builds of Linux. I’m no programmer but what a nightmare - Mac, Windows and Linux - each machine running different versions of OS, different cpu, ram, gpu etc.
@Tytel I can confirm that Vital uses of the Gforce graphic processing unit (gpu) in my laptop. Maybe that’s what’s helping to keep the CPU usage down. :slight_smile:


Tuesday you made us all into kids on Christmas morning… You get a vital, you get a vital… EVERYBODY GETS A VITAL! What you have done with minimal assistance is so #$% impressive. To see that this is just part of your output is intimidating. I think you are brilliant also for trusting the sales model you have. Making your creation a part of EDM history (prediction) by allowing mass adoption makes you generous and wise in the same act. Not everybody has $189 to spend on a synthesizer, and you acknowledged this. You have also given/sold us a whole cutting edge synthesizer, not a half a synth with another $200 worth of plugins required. 20 years ago, sadly I would have stolen your work with some risky key crack, today I am proud to pay for your work, especially because you trusted me to do the right thing. No dongle, or painful ilok software, and you have included a shop, which I can imagine empowering sound designers worldwide. Duda also rocks, no dig intended, I just extra-appreciate what you have done. I spent years collecting hardware, and you have made me rethink most of it. Your code isn’t bloated, and to me is insanely optimized (compared to my alternative, Pigments), and your controls/automation around filters, env/lfo are better than one could wish for. Much respect also due to the amazing preset creators, and the GUI assistance I believe you had. I can create sounds as fast as I can think them up, and I already find many things I like better than Pigments 2, a worthy rival. I could keep going, but I will leave you with two requests.

  1. Order yourself a full-face helmet immediately, your brain is special, fragile, and a national treasure imo.
  2. As soon as you safely can, please take a long trip to somewhere amazing; you have earned it. We can wait for features and low-priority fixes, but you finished a marathon, we owe you any rest you need! :raised_hands: -Dan

My Name Is Codillac Supreme and I support this thread. :grinning:

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Thank you Matt!

I’ve been following the development of Vital since you mentioned you were working on a new synth on the Helm GitHub page. Those 3 years of development were sure worth the wait! Now I can buy some preset packs and not feel bad for skipping the donation button for Helm.

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I already own Serum, so at first glance I thought it was just going to be a friendlier version of it. Boy was I wrong. A vast majority of the features I wanted in Serum but knew weren’t going to be added because they would break skin compatibility showed up in vital! I’m having a blast learning it and getting presets ready because by next year, every producer will have it.

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thanks Matt, from Iran :pray:

I wouldn’t have gotten into sound design if it weren’t for Matt Tytel. I discovered Helm years ago and it was so useful, I told my music tech professor about it, and he’s used it to teach courses ever since. It was always easy to use and learn from because it’s so visual. Now Vital is really taking Linux audio software to the next level - it’s everything that was great about Helm, now with enough features to compete with all the big-name plugins. I’m excited to see how this synth grows. From what I’m seeing in this forum and how active Tytel is on here, it just shows that he’s not only awesome as a developer, but as a person. This release did come with some bugs, but he’s clearly hard at work trying to polish the software. As we can see, he won’t ignore even the minor issues.
Thank you so much, Matt!

Thank you matt and the vital team… what im really looking forward to is how this synth grows.

Thank you. This is amazing.

Thank you. This is great product.

I am avid user of Arturia Pigments and I see tis as a complimentary synth.


Great job, I can see this being a Swiss Army knife in my setup. Thanks for all the effort and hard work…:+1:t2:

It’s a big thanks from me! :smiley:

Many thanks indeed. Bought as soon as it was available :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Matt for producing this stunning synth. I have used helm (with a donation )for several years and I had no hesitation in purchasing Vital (you deserve recompense for this hard work even though you offer it for free).
I am looking forward to using it in the days ahead.

Thank you, Matt, for creating this masterpiece of a synth and for sharing it with the world for no charge. Your generosity is truly inspiring. I wish you nothing but good luck and success for everything you do ahead!

Thank you so much for this brilliant synth! I have never seen a free synth with this much modulation, this many unique features and this many MSEGs. If music production tools improve at the abysmally slow rate they have been for so long, this synth will define the music of the 2020s.

got it yesterday…looks amazing…ty Matt!!!

Matt Tytel, seriously you’re going to help out so many tutorials for people. Having a free good FM synth that’s just better than Helm and even Serum in so many ways is overwhelming.

The idea of using Reaper and Vital now as a music juggernaut pair is too much for new users too handle, too powerful!

Really thanks for the clean designs too on the UI, hope you can keep updating the program with more features, keep up the great work <3.

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Thanks Matt! Spreading the word of Vital out here in Seattle

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