The "MPE enabled" button doesn't stay active upon reloading song in Reaper

Hi Matt.

First off… amazing synth! :slight_smile: loving it so far.

Did a quick search for this bug but not quite the same as I’ve seen others report.

Basically. If I create a new initialised patch in Vital 1.08 (using Reaper v6.33+dev0806 - August 6 2021) and click “MPE enabled”. I will edit Vital a bit record in some MPE pitch bending goodness and then save the song.

If I then load up the song again, the pitch bends are not happening until I disable and then re-enable the MPE enabled button.

So it appears that the MPE is not saved currently. I’ve not tried saving an actually patch but if possible, I’d rather not do that if possible.

As a side note. In Vital 1.07 and below. The MPE enabled button was always off upon loading the song again but in 1.08, the MPE enabled button seems to save state with the song but doesn’t actually enable the MPE features till turned off and on again. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need any other tests etc. Thanks!

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I’ve looked around Reaper to try and find a solution, but couldn’t find anything. I don’t have any MPE devices, so could you send over a sample project having the problems described?

It’s not specific to reaper, and was reported many times before. MPE settings are recalled graphically but not “tonally” so to speak

The MPE button appears to be on, but it is not engaged internally. Turning it “off” (aka, nothing changes because it’s already off) then back “on” fixes it.

This makes Vital pretty much unusable with MPE as this has to be done every single time a project is opened, on every single instance of Vital.

Exactly, as I said this has been reported many times, let’s hope it will be fixed soon!

Yeah. Hope this gets fixed as for now, only solution is to always render everything down or manually switch them back which isn’t great :slight_smile:

I’m having this problem too, in Ableton Live 11. Hopefully this gets fixed quickly!