Subscription vs Pro

I was under the impression that as a scuscriber, I would get the full Pro version for the duration of the subscription, including 400 presets / 150 wavetables.

I upgraded from free to paid monthlyt subscription, but when I open Vital there are very very few presets, it seems the same as the free version, and I wasn’t asked to download presets/wavetables from the automatic installer since I switched to paid sub.

Is this normal?

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Subscription does not include the Pro/Plus presets. However you can use money you spend on the subscription toward the Pro version at any point.

For example after 6 months you would have spent $30 on the subscription and you can use that credit toward the Pro pack so it would only cost $50 (normally $80 - $30 credit). (This credit isn’t available right at this moment but should be up in a day or two)

Does this make sense? I need to make this a little more clear on the site but if you end a subscription you keep anything you have (you don’t have to return or lose anything), which is why the Pro presets don’t come included.

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I was surprised because generally when you rent, you get the whole enchilada.

For example Kilohearts, where you get everything and can later purchase whole products with the money spent in renting.


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I got the pro version right off because I recognized that this is a really good instrument.

I think it’s very generous to offer that upgrade path for monthly subscribers.

As crazy as this sounds the more than 1 TEXT TO WAVETABLE is a huge benefit. You wouldn’t believe how many weird and wonderful sounds you can get with different letter sounds

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This was super confusing to me as well.

Now, I would like to apply the $10 i spent on the sub toward purchase of the pro version… Is that going to be automatic?

Yeah the difference is if you cancel the Kilohearts subscription you don’t get to keep it.
If you don’t like the Vital subscription setup you can cancel the subscription and use the money you paid toward Plus/Pro. I should have the subscription credit stuff applying soon.

Yeah, it will just look something like this (doing the finishing touches now):


Thanks! Thinking there was something wrong with my sub, I cancelled and resubscribed and got charged twice. Hopefully I see that reflected in the credits.

Keep up the good work!

I think that should be made clear on the website. It is not clear to me and I also thought it includes all the Pro Patches. Also logically for me it would remove the patches after I unsubscribe (I actually drop down to free version).

That is how I understood it from the webpage and I was wrong.

Also what is not clear to me:
Does the Pro Version has lifetime upgrade or do we need to buy a new Pro for Vital Version 2.x (lets assume something like that comes?).

Typical subscription models gives you full access to everything as long as you subscribe (so full version with all future versions) but will remove access to the synth when you unsubscribe (in this model fall back to free version), where a perpetual version gives you the version + the minor releases and you can run it forever - however you might need to buy an upgrade license for the next major release.

For now, before considering any changes in options, can you just write it clearly on the packages description, that it does NOT come with the Plus or Pro patches?

This is not really doable with the current subscription models. You cannot simply remove wavetables or presets, it is easy to copy those…

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I agree, it is anyhow very easy to copy them … I am not sure if the subscription model actually offers anything? It is more supporting Matt than I benefit from it.

I am seeing it as a mixture between supporting Matt, but not beeing able to finance the Pro Version. I can afford the Pro Version and still think it is a absolute fair price (even compared to other competitors). I will now buy the Pro Version.

On the other hand I would love the additional benefits of the Subscriber edition. What about a Pro Version and a Subscription model for the early adopters benefits? That makes it then more clear, that the Subscription can run in parallel of any of those other models and gets you some subscriber percs.

So consider it more as an addon than a license of its own.

What do you think about it?

Yeah I’ve been thinking about changing the name to “Membership” because people assume “Subscription” is the whole package. The benefit of having the subscription is you can use all the money you’ve paid on the subscription toward packs in the store (e.g. after 5 months you could get Plus for no extra charge or Pro for $55). On top of that you get extra ‘subscriber-only’ preset banks. You also get first access to new features and plugins whenever I start releasing those so the subscription will look better as time goes on. I really don’t want to write code to purge content from people’s computer’s so a core part of the subscription is if you cancel you don’t lose any content.

If you don’t want the subscription right now you can cancel and use all the money you’ve paid in the subscription as credit toward the Pro/Plus version now (so you’re not out any money).

As for Pro updates, it will come with all Vital updates and I’ll be updating it with more features and probably will expand the content as time goes on.

At some point I may add some really big features and add another ‘mega’ preset pack that would use these new features. For this second large pack I haven’t decided what to do for pricing but if it’s large enough it won’t be free for Pro users.

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Maybe then the “addon” Subscription is a great idea to actually include exactly the additional subscriber patches, the early access and what else is left over.

So I would be happy to own a Pro Version and still be able to Subscribe - not sure if that is already possible.

Regarding the Mega Preset Pack - why not sell Preset Packs … that is straight forward and not included in any of the packages … maybe it comes by building up via the subscriber pack. So you could maybe opt to buy individual packs, or you can go with subscription and get the packs that way? That also would make sense for free and plus packs. You will get some packs for the future, but not the exclusive Pro or Plus Packs.

Pro and the subscription are actually parallel services as they have different content though at the moment there is a little overlap. I’m going to make this more clear as time goes on but I’m going to make the subscription more of a ‘cross-product’ thing while Vital Pro is just stuff for Vital. For now to make the subscription sweeter I’m dropping periodic ‘subscriber-only’ content when I get my hands on new stuff.

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Yep! That’s possible right now. I just didn’t want to push people toward that because there’s not a ton of extra content to buy in the store at the moment (but that should change soon).