Subscription vs. Pro Version and patches


I got the Subscription version of the Vital Synth. Now I wonder if the Subscription Version does not come with all patches and wavetable, that the Pro Version has?

Maybe I do not understand Subscription correct.

Does the Pro Version come with Livetime Upgrade rights?

So if all the above is true, then the subscription is a good test, but actually not a good price point. You do not get all the presets and wavetable and after 16 month you have paid more for t really a lot.

Anything I overlook here?

can you please check on my account? I am not sure if I see all the patches I am supposed to see. From information I read from the web, I understand that the subscription edition should give me everything from the PRO edition.

Can you please confirm?


Hi @SerErris

There have been previous posts with similar questions. Here’s the response from Matt (developer of Vital):

Subscription does not include the Pro/Plus presets. However you can use money you spend on the subscription toward the Pro version at any point.

For example after 6 months you would have spent $30 on the subscription and you can use that credit toward the Pro pack so it would only cost $50 (normally $80 - $30 credit). (This credit isn’t available right at this moment but should be up in a day or two)

Edit: here’s the related thread - Subscription vs Pro

All the best

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Thanks @andrew_a
Than this thread can be closed. Clarified.

Much appreciate your answer, could not find the original thread.

No worries @SerErris.