Stupid Vital Newbie Questions

  1. Where is the manual?
  2. Does this thing have a sequencer and or Arp?
  3. What is you opinion on the filters? I kind of think thay are not as good as say Hive or Serum.

Thanks for the replies in advance.

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  1. There is no manual.
  2. No, though you can pitch snap oscillators though to create patterns by clicking on the little keyboard icon and modulating transpose.
  3. Did you come here from KVR or something?


There is not an official manual for Vital yet, but there are community made manuals you can check out that may be helpful! You can also find plenty of help and information inside many Vital forums.

Community Made Manual #1
Community Made Manual #2

(Sequencer / Arp)

Vital does not have an inbuilt sequencer, however, there are many different ways to create a (Sequence / Arp) by assigning an LFO to an oscillator’s transpose. There should be a few tutorials on YouTube with different methods.

If you want to create longer complex sequences, you can also check out the Advanced LFO Sequencer Forum link that I created below. It is a little more advanced and it does involve a very small amount of knowledge in Python, but it should be comprehendible for non-programmers to use as well (:

Advanced LFO Sequencer


Did you come here from KVR or something?

Hope this helps! If you have any more questions let me know!

The best tutorials are on Youtube. Do a few of those and your other questions will be answered quickly.

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Laugh out loud


Manuals / thought not, as i could only find the community made one. I personally prefer a physical manual to reference instead of having to keep going back to youtube to find what i was looking for.
Sequecer Arp / Ya, i am aware that you can do it that way, guess I would just use my Daw to do it if needed then to cut down on this little CPU sucking bastard.
Filters / What is KVR? lol But seriously, not impressed with the filters. Just my .02

That makes sense. I personally like the filters, they are more on the softer side than serums, but they still work really great. KVR is an audio / music website XD.

Yes…softer as you say i suppose. Which may be better for morphing wavetables perhaps. Hive is still my go to these days, but i really like Vital for experimental sounds. Albeit I wind up rendering to audio to make up for the CPU load. Great tool to the add to the arsenal nonetheless.


Hi new here and to Vital
Maybe dumb question but here we go
I was watching a guy in Live daw using detuning option to bring a part of a bird sound that was way out of tune on his built in tuner but by using a detuning option and this tune that sample

Does Vital have a detuning options where I can do this as well

Becuase I am myself have bird call sound need to tune Thanks

Welcome to the forum!
You can tune Vital’s oscillators with this widget
The left side number moves in semitones and the right side number moves in cents.
If you’re talking about a sample, you can also tune the sampler in the same way

Though, if you’re working exclusively with samples (for tuning bird call samples) i’d recommend doing it in your DAW instead of inside Vital, since your DAW probably offers more options as far as manipulating samples goes.