Vital User Manual

Hi all,
I wrote an unofficial user manual for vital.
My friend will be editing it this week, so this is the pre-edited version, but I just wanted to get this out there.
I will make another post/edit this post when the edits are finished.

I hope this is useful for everyone!

Also, please don’t post this anywhere else.
I will be posting as many places as I can once I have a final product.
Should be less than a few weeks.


very good manual!
can help with this:

2.1. SP is (frequency???) spectrum probably?

osc: distortion phase? slider (some modes from right modulation knob)

try rigth click lfo smooth


slide is for mpe

thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the hard work! It looks great. Can’t wait to read through it to learn more about some of the more obscure settings!

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Thanks for sharing! I can see lots of hard work has gone into this and look forward to understanding some of the intricate details better :clap: There are things in here I hadn’t event noticed :slight_smile:

2.1a For completeness you could include global snap and transpose. (see If you want to borrow a few words, help yourself.

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Gave it a quick overview and seems pretty thorough. Nice job!


Thank you.

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Hi again,

My friend didn’t end up doing the edits, but I just tried to clean up the manual as best I could by myself.
Below is the final version of my user manual.

I hope everyone finds this helpful!

P.S. please dont post this anywhere. I was going to post it everywhere I can on the 26th to try and support a friends twitch/podcast.


Thank you!

Hello, I just tried to use this link to download the manual, but I got a message saying the file was not available. Is it up somewhere else? Thanks!

This is the exact message…


The google drive link should be dead. I just checked and the link on my website is working.

here’Vital community (5.6 MB) s a copy of the vital community document for anyone who wants it. feel free to share and make edits/additions as appropriate(NOTE I an NOT the original author)

Thank You for sharing Vital Manuel I new to this software :smiley: