Strange attack behavior

Please see the attached video.
Even if phase randomization is turned off, the sound changes attack with each note hit in Reaper. This is very annoying especially for making kicks or short sounds … is it a bug?

Bug Vital

The problem occurs both with and without the use of envelopes… I have tried with all 4 envelopes and with LFO and without, I have tried to change waveforms but the problem continues to persist… Maybe is Reaper the problem??

You have negative velocity tracking on, is that the issue?

I’m trying to change the wavetables and parameters including Velocity, Envelopes, Oversampling, Phase Randomization to zero, and all the Voice parameters but the problem continues!

I just tried to experiment with other synths but in these I don’t have this problem… This is very strange but is a big problem for me :frowning:

So the negative vel track was the issue in the first video right?

wavetables don’t modulate at audio rate like in many synths so try modulating something else like transpose which does modulate at audio rate.

The velocity i tried to change it negative and positive but the problem still exists. I have made several attempts and still have not been able to solve the problem …
However, i attach the preset, I would be curious to see if this problem is also present to other users who use Reaper or not.Bug.vital (330.6 KB)

I just tried also with Ableton instead of Reaper by loading my own preset and the problem persists. I deduce that the problem is in the synth and not in the DAW…

@Tytel this synth is really fantastic and I already love it madly but unfortunately this problem for me is devastating… If anyone else has this problem please write it here, thanks to all for the help!

You keep changing the preset so I can’t follow what the issue is.
The videos you have velocity tracking on the preset you uploaded doesn’t.

If you have a preset and a video to match that would help.

The problem is very simple, maybe I expressed myself badly for my bad English. Each time the preset is played (either via MIDI or directly in PLAY from the sequencer) it always changes in the attack phase. Instead, it should always sound the same. However, soon i will make a more useful video.

There’s a very very small amount Delay on envelope 1, is that what you’re talking about?

Looking at it again this is probably your issue. Just set the delay to 0 on env 1 (it looks like 0 right now but it’s not)

You’re right, it was actually the only knob I hadn’t considered, my mistake! Last two things:

  1. Even if setting a minimum dose of deelay is it normal that the sound always changes at each time the note is played? In the sense that it seems like the low deelay changes by some ms… Anyway I think I have solved the problem, thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

  2. Is it possible to change (overwrite) the init preset?

Thanks again for your patience and congratulations for this great synth, by now I’m just using this for everything!