Stereo Widener knob/effect

Either a global knob or perhaps an entirely new effect. Pretty useful could also be a stereo width knob (or just a mono switch) on all or some of the 5 effects that can cause a left-right difference.
If not then it’s always something to think about for Vital Effect, if it ever comes out, hopefully.

Vital has a stereo control right here:
Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 17.39.56

Just learned that’s it’s there after several weeks of using Vital, somehow always assumed it did something different. It’s not exactly a Stereo Widener so the request is still valid, though yeah like half of my issues solved.

How about, when modulating some parameter with an LFO, setting the LFO to stereo mode? Also works with random generators.

Yall really don’t want me to have my knob :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, that’s a useful thing, on LFOs been using it on a few plucks recently. Would have to see how it might work on a pad or a lead. On Randoms I don’t like it sometimes because with a slow oscillator the stereo effect can randomly disappear when the two values are very similar.
I guess three quarters of my issues solved but what I like about a regular stereo widener is it has essentially no effect on anything except stereo width. Adding a little stereo offset to an LFO works as well, but pretty much everything else can change the sound, sometimes pretty significantly depending on the modulated parameters.

Listen to the intro of the track I posted here and tell me if it sounds wide enough.
It’s Vital only, no modulating effects, the patches are linked in that post as well, so you could analyse them.

Listened to the track and checked out the presets, can’t say they aren’t wide enough, though all the stereo presets use either unison, stereo LFOs or stereo effects (especially reverb and delay). I’m probably just complaining at this point (will probably close this request soon unless I find a good reason to keep it) but what I mean is to have more control over the stereo width (with as little change to the sound as possible) preferably at different stages, rather than only in unison and right at the end. It would also sometimes be useful to widen a mono sound that otherwise would be all over the place.

widening effects are their own science. i wouldn’t mind if such an effect was added, with all the algorithms, but until then i like Wider by infected mushroom

I think what we are trying to get at is; what’s the use of having a separate effect for that in a synth when you can just achieve that rather simply in the sound design stage?

Well, can’t disagree much with that.

That’s very artificial one. Melda Stereo Spread is way better for mono to stereo widening.

For stereo signal I would advise Waves S1 imager.

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it’s not free though :wink:
I’m but a poor hobbyist.