Say something (Welcome thread)

Hey, I am looking forward to the release tomorrow.
I am happy to finally have a “growl” synth available to run in Linux.
Please take my money, thanks in advance :smiley:


I’ll definitely purchase more presets over time as I get used to it and see what tools are available. Having a free / cheap / pro soft synth all at affordable ranges $25-$80 is fantastic. The Subcsription seems interesting too!

I work on video games, and my DAW of choice is Renoise. I do both music / art on the game. I work with a pro Melee player, Fiction who codes the game in C++!

Here’s a video explaining who I am and what I do :).

Nice to meet you all, I hope to familiarize myself with this program soon!


So am I.
I m counting the time

I also use Renoise but it does not support VST3 yet and I assume Vital won’t/can’t support VST2.
But I will take what I can get :smiley:
I think I will run it standalone and control it via Midi for jamming. I probably won’t become a hardcore user because of other work and life stuff.
@alex.a-r I wish you success with the game development, I bet that is exciting.

I am a bit curious about whether Vital will be open source or not - I would be fine with it either way however. If I read correctly Matt spent 3 years on it, that is quite an investment. I plan on buying either the 30 or 80 bucks version to show my support.


Hi. Loving the demo and waiting to jump on the subscription. How long now?

It’s been the 24th for an hour already where I live. Waiting up for it!

You might want to get some sleep. It’s still morning for me on the 23rd. :stuck_out_tongue:


When is 24th for you?
Just release now.its just been 24th here.

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You doesn’t have to need to wait, there was an offer before 24th, if you would have been attentive :wink:

Tytel right, @Trex you might get some sleep. think about everyone timezone, some people are still on 23rd :slight_smile:.

Please, take my money.

Not for the full subscription bundle and final changes. Already got the preview. I’m desperate to give Matt more money! :grin:

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Why wouldn’t you synchronise with the first to see the new day rather than the last?:grin:

Hi, just wanna say thanks for creating a beautiful piece of art. I have never been a fan of Serum due to cpu usage.

So far I been having a great experience with this synth (have purchased InTheMix earlyaccess), it’s so easy to create good sounding sounds!


Will it be possible to upgrade from plus to pro?

bro it’s 24 where I live any idea when it will be available…

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Hey! I was part of the exclusive preview and I am using renoise too. Vital works like a charm inside renoise!


hey everyone… so stoked to use vital tomorrow…!!! gonna save up and get the plus version soon too…

That’s awesome to hear! Man lots of renoise users here, way more than I expected! Trackers are the best :D. Renoise is really really good lately, and I hope Taktik keeps updating it with the awesome VSTs that keep coming out <3.

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It ended pre-emptively due to high demand, also if someone wanted to purchase the Pro bundle it was not ideal.