Sample Player Button Combinations How to Guide

Hi there I have documented the multiple combinations of the sample player buttons and published a matrix of the functionality each variation gives here… Vital Synth Sample Player buttons.

I have added a few beginner tips too and I hope you find it useful :grinning:

I hope to add more tips next month

Feedback is welcome if I have missed anything.



cool! thanks! :slight_smile:

nice work!

couldn´t recreate the random pitch change, but i didn´t find octave range setting on my keyboard.

Maybe it´s just me but i overlooked the < direct out > function, so this is usefull if you don´t want filters and effects change the sound of your sample. Works on the Osc´s too.

And i was wondering what is transpose snap and global snap exactly doing.

This was the only information i could find on a quick search. Maybe you know or can find more.

And what´s the max sample length?

Information about SMP would be complete then.:nerd_face:

Hi Andy, this is really informativ. Well done!
One thing I realized: In your chart the random … is twice, but the forward loop is missing
I think your explanation is even better than a manual could be … Thanks!

HI VCVR and Muki Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Re the transpose Snap on OSC 1 i think I am correct in saying when the global snap setting is turned on and the dots are green it will transpose the key you pressed on your keyboard to the nearest green dot (or the nearest Octave of the root note). When the dots are purple (transpose snap) you can play any notes but the magic starts if you then assign an LFO to the pitch as the notes played I believe are those associated with your mapping. So if you pressed dots 1 3 and 5 and assign a staircase down in LFO 1 and map LFO1 against the pitch the notes will descend by 1st 3rd and 5th. If you do the same with Global Snap a similar effect will happen but your key presses will transpose as if you have pressed the nearest dot rather than the actual key you pressed on the keyboard

Similar effects will be achieved using the SMP Sample player.

I didn’t try to break test Vital to see the maximum sample length but my original sample was i think 16 seconds long and I had no issue with that. I reduced the length for two reasons; I wasn’t sure I would want to hold down the same key for more than 16 secs, and secondly it kept my sample smaller in file size. If you wanted to play a really long sample then either turn the ENV 1 sustain on full or create an ADSR with a long release using the magnifying glass to stretch it otherwise the sample will be silent before it reaches the end (but I guess you know that already :wink:

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Thanks Rockingricky… you are correct a schoolboy error by me! :smirk: I have updated the page accordingly. Thanks for spotting it and your kind feedback!


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hey andy,

thanks for the info about the snap, have to try that. sounds very usefull.

yes test sample length makes not so much sense, but i tought it would be nice to make it complete.:nerd_face:
have tried 2 or 3 minutes long sample, and files are to big to upload here.
if you use random startpoint and have a longer sample with different sounds in it could be interesting though.

Good effort. You could add an lfo or random generator to the Sample pitch to get even more sound variations!