Can someone please explain exactly what Global Snap does?

I love the Transpo Snap feature, been using it a lot. But I’m a little confused about what the Global Snap toggle does; most of the time it seems to make every note I press become C, but one time when I turned Global Snap on while holding the fundamental of the key I was in, it stayed in that key and allowed me to go up the scale of the notes I selected. When I tried to replicate it again later, it again defaulted every note to C. Am I missing something?

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I love the feature and think I understand it generally, but could also use some tips from more expert users on using it and how it works, creative use concepts and so on.


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The Transpose Snap feature is a bit difficult to explain. in its default mode it will transpose the currently scale which you hold down/play up depending on the new root not or something and Global Snap will snap every incoming MIDI note to the closes possible selected note when turned on


I’m glad there is a Global Transpose. I’m only just starting to get into using it.

My only feature request/suggestion would be that it be two octaves so we could use actual compound intervals, 9ths, 10ths, 11ths, 13ths.

That said, it was a very smart musical feature to include.