Quick question about LFO's

Hello dear Vital experts!
I don’t know if this has been questioned before but is there a way to make the LFO to advance only in increments by pressing a key? For example if you make a staired LFO it would jump to next stair (or a node) of the LFO. In orher words does Viteal allow successively sample through the LFO only at given increments or nodes by MIDI event/key pressing (like sample&hold) and then looping back to LFO start. And of course if there is already such an ‘incremental modulation source’ with such functionality built in I would be grateful to know.

I’m not completely clear what you final goal is, but Vital does offer lots of flexiability around modulation.
Once suggestion is to edit the “mod remap” for your LFO to create the steps you need, and then modulate the LFO amount from “Note” (bottom right of the screen).

Others on the forum may be able to give you more detail.

If you’re new to “mod remap”, then there are some videos that illustrate the technique: