Problem when sharing presets with friend

friend and I are collabing and they send me their project file and it says vital (au) is missing. but i have vital downloaded. theyre sending the project file from Australia. do they have a different version or something

What DAW are you both using ? AU stands for Audio Unit which is a plug in format like, vst3 CLAP etc.

were both on fl

But he/she is on a Mac and you’re not ?

she is on mac. this seems to be the issue here from that article you sent.
im not really sure what this means and how to go about this.

  • macOS <> Windows Project Compatibility - If you want to share projects with Windows installations and you are using 3rd party plugins, you must use VST format since this is the only way to maintain cross-platform project compatibility.

Just ask her if she is willing to (also) install the vst version of the plugin, and use that one in the project(s) that you share together. Right now she has probably just installed the Audio Unit (AU) version of Vital.

Just one more question, did you install the vst (this has the .dll extension) or the vst3 ( which is .vst3) ?

forsure will do! im just confused though on why i dont have the au version as well. i got all these 3 downloaded. but im using vst3.
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Audio Units (AU) are a system-level plug-in architecture provided by Core Audio in Apple’s macOS and iOS operating systems.

You’re not on a mac. :wink: :sunglasses:

So let her install the vst3 !

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so if she switches to vst 3 itll work? :smiley:

Yes it will but, It’s smart that she keeps the AU also to be able to open old projects, just don’t use the AU version for projects she is sharing with you (or someone else), use the vst3 instead.