Problem creating skin - where do these colors come from?

Ok, I am missing something obvious or something is odd with the skin designer.

Please take a look at the picture and at the attached skin (it’s just a testbed to better understand various things).
I already figured out many of the settings, but here should be nothing green (all that’s there is unchecked).
Where do these yellow and green use in the highlighted automation knob come from (I just clicked on the “env2” with the magenta frame to have them show up)?

I’d really like to go on working with skins but I can’t get the logic used here…I am a bit lost…

Using Vital 1.0.8 on Windows.

Test1.vitalskin (9.7 KB)

It is controlled by the rotary arch color of the destination

Hey, thanks for replying but please take a look at the provided skin: there are no yellow or green rotary arcs defined. And if they are they have their override checkbox disabled.
So I’d guess:

  1. I am missing something
  2. Skin usage is flawed in general in Vital
  3. Skin designer has issues (refresh or color management I cannot say)

this post might help explain some things

Skin Sharing Thread

the way i’m dealing with it is to occasionaly close the designer, close vital and then reload everything.
sometimes it helps to change the gui size to refresh.

Thanks, I think I’ve tried but I’ll give it another go.
Anyway, I’m pretty sure something wonky is going on, because if it’s true that the destination rotary arc rules, both automation knobs above are related to the same destination(oscillators) but they show up in different colors…

  • Mario