Pro Tools Instrument

LOVE Vital so much. Stand alone works great but can it be used inside ProTools as an instrument?




Yes. Your installation should have included an array of plugin types — VST, AU etc. It should load up as any synth plugin does.

I also can’t see Vital in Pro Tools, (but it works great as standalone). I found the .vst and .vst3 files but I think I need the vital.aaxplugin file for Pro Tools, is that correct?

Vital plugin = AU, VST and VST3

Here I am assuming Pro Tools would load the plugin … sorry dude.

Yeah I don’t ship an AAX version right now. That may change soon depending on how many people want it.


When I installed it (twice now) it did not give any options for VST. It just quickly installed and does not show up in ProTools. Only stand alone. Would love to use inside Protools to do some writing.



Doesn’t seem to have an aax included. Use blue cats audio patchworks so you can use it to host the vst

Yes pleaseeeeee

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Would be excellent as an AAX, loving it so far. thanks for your work!

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Yes pleaseee, as a Christmas gift!:wink:

Yep I thought this was PT compatible but it’s not … It’s a shame… Can you deal with it ? :wink:

I would love an AAX version. Great job on Vital standalone. I’ll never be able to use it in real productions if it doesn’t support ProTools.

(Sorry Avid and AAX are annoying!)

Please add PT AAX - Thanks

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Yessss AAX version for PT would be wonderful, please and thank you!

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If anyone knows anyone at Avid I’d appreciate an intro or a contact. Been having trouble getting them to respond to my emails about AAX SDK access.

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Been messing around with vital a bit and I really love it. I’d love to use it in my production workflow with clients etc but lack of AAX support is holding me back. I think this plugin would be really useful for a lot of Pro Tools users.

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Please can we have an AAX version! Protools is my DAW and my workflow requires it. I know so many Protools users who would love this as a plug-in. Thank you!


Still waiting on Avid

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Welp it turns out my email was going to their spam :confused:

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