[Preset Request] Cat Meow Emulation

I just saw a demonstration of the Meowdulator, a monophonic guitar pedal synth that makes each note sound like a cat meow, with by-pass, and 3 settings.

I’m interested in a Vital polyphonic, multi-voice preset “emeowlation” of the Meowdulator.

This is beyond my sound mod and design skillset, though I’m willing to discuss compensation for anyone who shares my odd sense of whimsy, has the prerequisite skills, and willing to take up the challenge.

Meanwhile, I likely will purchase and make do with the pedal, or on second thought, I instead buy the pedal for you to use in the design process.

Video demonstration

A screen cap of pedal function details.

Link to the only source of the pedal I could find.


OK, so a monophonic (but claims to have a polyphonic mode) software synth written 15 years ago by a Ukrainian dev who is no longer active, at least as the original name “Knobster”, does not remotely sound like a cat, which I only discovered after following your link, which led to a half dozen more BS click-for-profit URLs.

While I’m pleased to see the open-source Neocities reviving the defunct Geocities concept, this recommendation was not helpful. This is the community Vital forum, I love working in the Vital synth, and started a thread to discuss creating a Vital preset.

It is joke

And for the record, it sounds like a cat that has taken vocal lessons…
…and has an envelope mapped resonant filter applied to its voicebox.

I never presume strangers share my sense humor even when face to face, and I made unambiguously clear what I’m looking for, an emulation of the pedal. To that end, you’ve not been a helpful community member.

Ight buddy

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we’re chill folks around here, seems like something got lost in the translation, no need to stress.

but is this topic a stealth advertisement? hard to see how it relates. feel free to relax a few db though. don’t blow a gasket.

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How is my requesting somebody make a preset based on a specific example remotely a stealth advertisement?

Add to that, I openly thought/suggested I’d buy and donate a pedal to anyone interested in plain English.

To be clear, I have done nothing whatsoever to cause trouble, and politely pointed out that making a joke out of a serious request was not helpful.

Instead of warning the person who by their own admission treated my post as a joke, you decided that I am the one who is suspicious and needs to chill out.

I’m @muiren and have been tithing every month to Matt’s Vital project for a few years now, and in case you entertain more cynical suspicion, this is my artist account as stated in my profile, NOT some sneaky stealth account.

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I didn’t know. but you know Matt leaves us all here like Lord of the Flies so. No way to know if it was a sneaky ad for someone. Big name software companies have done that kind of advertising at another forum I’m at, and I reacted stronger cause it was so blatant. You’re for real, then no problem. Just saw you snapping at a regular who never causes any trouble, and you got mad. well, we’re all on our own here, no mod aside from Matt.

If I were in your position, I’d start with a sample of the cat meow and play with that a while, look at it with some frequency analyzer or a scope, and of course it won’t sound the way you want, but at least you’ll identify exactly what it is you do and don’t like about just using it as a sample or a wavetable.

Eric Bowman on youtube is the king of vital sound design. Maybe he has a patreon and can do a bespoke patch for you? Not sure about that though. His tutorials are interesting. It’s like painting I think, just let the imagination take over the mouse clicker.

haven’t had any drama here as far as I know. so that’s why I don’t read slavacat as doing anything bad. not a lot of people comment here, so even if his comment is irrelevant, just try to see it as he was bumping the topic.

The person you’re defending said they were joking, not helping.

Pointing out someone isn’t being helpful does not logically imply anger, just as my making this point with you doesn’t logically suggest anger.

Nothing in the text of my post can rationally be interpreted as promotional, stealth or otherwise. There are no monetized links in a post that is clearly a request for the creation of a Vital preset.

To suggest my intentions were in any way vague or somehow unrelated to Vital makes no sense at all. I clearly suggested that I, and nobody else, would consider buying a pedal for anyone interested in working with me to create the requested preset.

My last comment on the matter is that I’ve also been here for years with a paid account, and frankly, to have an idea, offer to pay anyone interested in collaborating, only to be childishly mocked and irrationally considered suspect, is a disincentive to participate or share in the future.

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In an attempt to resolve:

It appears that you’re looking for a professional sound designer to work on commission to develop a Vital preset to emulate the sound of a cat’s meow. You’ve placed this job offer in the half-dead Vital forum. I think you’d find much greater success in your endeavors if you either A) commissioned someone directly and privately, or B) spark and engage in the collaborative nature of the forum: bring something to the table and invite people to help you develop it.

Doing some initial research and designing a prototype preset for people to build on is a great place to start. Share it here and ask for input and advice on how to bring it closer your goal–the more specific that goal is the better (you’re asking us to make a pedal emulation in a synthesizer…without audio input channels). It’s like open source software. People can contribute little bits of knowledge and improvements to build a better product than anyone of them could make alone. That’s what we have here. A community. These forums are very relaxed, collaborative, and friendly (so much as you are). If you want something from us, sharing those values is another great place to start.

And about the “treated my post as a joke”, these were not my intentions. I just didn’t take the time to realize the nature of your post, that you were asking, very seriously, for one person to develop a preset for you. That hasn’t really happened here so it didn’t register in my head what exactly you were asking; therefore, I’m sorry for any hard feelings that my responses generated.

Best of luck getting this preset developed and in whatever you’re using it for.


This should have been an unnecessary post. His reaction to your post should have been “Thanks, but it’s not what I’m looking for.” And that should be the last post in this thread.


OP is clearly on a spectrum, you just need to take that into account.

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I’m probably on all the spectrums myself, a fugitive from psychiatric justice who’s over halfway done with life. but it’s only a matter of time before the white coats come and take me away.



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