Preset name not loading after reopening previously saved DAW project

If it was already posted somewhere - I am sorry, though I tried to find similar issue on the forum and couldn’t.

There is a little bug with preset names not loading when you reopen saved project with your DAW and Vital was there. Everything else loads properly (knobs positions, effects, wavetables etc) but the name is always “init preset”. It is not a big deal of course, but I decided to let you know since it might be bit hard if someone wanted to check which preset they used in their previous project.

System: Windows 10
DAW: Waveform, FL Studio (I believe it happens in any other too)
Vital version: 1.0.3

Including photo of loaded instance of Vital:

P.S. Thank you for this amazing synth! :purple_heart:

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There are other similar reports of this issue…

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Oh, thank you for letting me know! Looks like I was lucky enough to be able to miss them - scrolled through the forum before and checked topics with preset in title.

happening for most everyone (here in logic pro). but the synth is so good, am living with it for now…

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Oh well, I saw this happen with me, in other DAW’s:

  • LIVE 9, 10.0.25, 11
  • Gig Performer3
  • Camelot(free v2.0.1)

Edit: One of such posts:

right, and again, happening here in logic pro. hopefully sorted out soon; matt has a lot on his plate! so personally, am just living with it for now…

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yeah, same - it’s not a biggie ^.^

Love the synth, but I’m having the same issue with Ableton:
MacOs High Sierra 10.13.6
Live 10.1.30
Vital 1.0.3
Thank you!

Would love to see a fix for this. Ableton lets me see the preset for most VSTs, and I think you can actually change the preset with a drop-down without even opening the VST window. That doesn’t work with Vital.

This is fixed in the latest at - version 1.0.4
This won’t recall the name of currently saved projects but will recall correctly and projects save with the new version.

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In Cakewalk by Bandlab when simply choosing a new preset in the Browser it causes the * to show in front of the preset name:


This does not occur in FL Studio or Reaper. (Win 10 64 bit).

Awesome. Thanks so much! Loving this synth.

hey there! i’m a beginner who also uses cakewalk. when i first opened the plugin (free version), i accidentally clicked the use offline option and ever since wasn’t able to view any presets in the preset browser. i have since uninstalled and reinstallled, logged in but to no avail. could you please suggest a way to view the presets somehow?

Please don’t revive old threads that are unrelated to your issue. You’ve also already posted in another thread.