No preset recall

In Cubase preset recall opening a new project seems not to work correctly, sounds right but shows init preset both with my presets and factory ones.

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Just to report similar in Logic Pro X on Mac.
From a saved project, the preset used on the track loads correctly, but Vital displays “initial preset” rather than actual preset name used.
(this is using the plus version, 1.0.3)

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No Presets on the BASIC on Mac.

Unable to download or not showing even after pressing > download content

Running Vital 1.02

Also when click update, no update downloaded so guessing as of now this is the latest version of vital

Please download the latest from:

With 1.0.3 the problem persist

Thank you! Resolved :+1:t2:

version 1.0.3 (win x64 vst2 and vst3) still doesn’t load presets

work around

Label tracks with preset name: e.g. patch name - category - folder/author i.e. Hollow Bass - Bass - Meek Poitier.

Hope this helps till it get sorted.

Just to confirm Preset Names are not recalled in a Project with Vital 1.0.3 Windows 64 bit version in Cakewalk, FL Studio, Reaper or Orion.

The patch itself is recalled just not the Patch Name.


Yes. Must say; i am happy the parameters are loaded correctly :wink:

same here (i’m using Reaper on Windows)
the preset in the saved project is working correctly, but the preset name is not recalled, so it is always “init preset” even if it’s not.
So, basically, I have no idea which preset I was using :sweat_smile:

Adding my voice that this problem also exists for Vital 1.0.3 in Studio One 5.1.1 on Windows. (VST3).

The actual preset parameters are saved correctly and restored correctly, but the preset name is reverted to Init Preset

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Since the issues occurs in multiple DAWs I think it’s safe to say it’s just something in the way Vital is reading information saved in the DAW’s projects. It’s reading the sound parameters correctly just not the patch name. I’m not a coder but seems like it should be an easy fix. I’m sure they’ll get it sorted.

Just to chime in that I have the same issue here as described above; Synth parameters are recalled but the preset name is always ‘Init Preset’.

Vital 1.0.3 VST3i
Reaper 6.18
Bitwig 3.0.3
Win 10 x64 (20H2)

Same here, Cubase 10.0 Windows, with Vital 1.0.3, VST3

However while the PRESET NAME Is not saved when reopening the VST, the preset settings are saved.

So while it says “INIT PATCH” or something else, it is still the sound I had last time I saved the project in cubase.

However this VST sounds AMAZEBALLS and I’m in love. Gonna buy it shortly.

Yeah still working on this. Am going to push a few other changes that will improve keeping state around when closing/opening the UI.

(Just replying to all the feedback and doing administrative stuff is taking up all my time at the moment, hope to be actively fixing these kinds of bugs soon)


Great !

Maybe a small update to the site; show the version number next to the installers, so we know which version an installer is.

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Buying the paid version today. Would be happy to beta if you want a Cubase 10 tester on Mac and Windows.

Did this one get sorted yet? Still seeing the issue in Bitwig Win 10. Seems to work in Abelton 10 though.

Hey there, on version 1.0.8 and experiencing mentioned ‘bug’ on Ableton 11 still.