Paypal not working


Tried buying Pro AT 12:40 Eastern Time, selected Paypal, window opened, logged in, clicked Pay Now, paypal window closed and the Vital web page did not change. Have a feeling the transaction was not concluded. Did not receive a confirmation email.

Please advise.


Yeah I had the same issue. Could be that the servers are running slow so waiting might be the only option.

Same here… I tried it thrice…

I tried twice to pay with PayPal, but both times I was unable to proceed from the download page after the PayPal flow ended.

I haven’t received an email from PayPal with my purchase history, so I assume that the transaction has not been completed. I’ll try again about half a day later.

Didn’t seem like mine worked, but i checked the site and i own it! Sounds amazing!!!, MT is an absolute legend. See if you own it already, maybe paypal is bogged on confirmation side. If you are logged into the site, go to page and you will see the download if it worked.

PainPal screws stuff up all the time for new vendors…They are such a wonderful nightmare to deal with too. NOT!!

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Confirm what Dan says. I downloaded and installed. FL Studio scanning its VSTs… Still no email from Paypal. No email from Vital yet either.


I dont know if i have it or not, i tried to pay with paypal but no emails or charge on my paypal account either. But i could download it after trying to pay but i dont seem to have all the presets etc for the pro pack.

I tried many times to pay ( 80 Dollars) with PayPal, but I was unable to proceed from the download page after the PayPal flow ended. I haven’t received any email from PayPal with my purchase :frowning: Now I can Use only the free version

same here

Neither can I complete it with PayPal, others seem to be having the same issue.

Paying with credit card directly seems to work just fine tho, not sure if I should do that instead. Don’t want to get accidentally double charged.

I had the same but opted for credit card wich worked.
Paypal did not follow through and I did not see any transaction record in my paypal account.

I have clicked twice on PayPal, am I CHARGED DOUBLE?:cold_face:

Maybe I didn’t buy it, and i’m only on the demo. Easier to wait and see than try to reverse a second purchase. Love it!

Same for me. Tried twice, cannot go over the “Continue” page on paypal…
Hope to not be charged twicce :wink:

Yes for some reason when people check out with Paypal and use a credit card it works, but doesn’t work when they use an account.

I’m not seeing any payments on my end so these payments are going through. I’m looking into this though so hopefully will get resolved soon.


Same here tried to buy it twice waited an hour but still no mail from paypal and vital says stop after the 5th text2table. So still working with Free even after trying to buy Pro. Well lets just hope its resolved soon

Tried to use Paypal and it was not working. Tried again after some time and after checking that PayPal does not have any related activities. I thought I accidentally cancelled the first transaction. Again, no success.

After I read @Tytel last reply, I tried again with PayPal (this time using a VISA credit card (not prepaid) as payment method).

However, this currently fails, too.

(Don’t know if it matters but I try to upgrade from plus to pro)

I managed to upgrade by just using the Stripe input (which is the cardnumber thing embedded on the page), rather than the PayPal button.

Good luck. They are a horror to deal with!