Patch Randomization

I think original Massive did this the best of any synth (% randomization of specific features, ability to preserve certain functions of the patch)… if you added something in that style, i’d have basically no reason to use any other synth

For further inspiration, there’s this newer synth called CUBE by Lunacy Audio which does a nice job of compartmentalizing the patch randomization into 3 simple categories (you can click 3 separate buttons for randomizing the Effects section, the samples used in the patch, or just the motion section)


I’ve been wanting to make a preset randomizer for a while now; if I were to, exactly what features would you like to see?

I’ve made somethings close–Vinetics–which randomly combines an unlimited amount of patches, so if you put in your entire preset folder, it should generate a close enough to random preset every time. However, if you’re looking for a more controlled randomization of individual groups of parameters, I’ll need to make a different tool.

The only thing that’s stopped me from making something like this in the past was the problem of getting the min/max of every parameter, so if someone could provide that, that would be great.

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That’s really cool! Kind of reminds me of what’s in the “mutate” feature of Absynth or something like that… Or maybe how you can morph between preset states in Reaktor.

I see your tool only runs for PC which is unfortunate for me haha.

yeah i guess i was imagining more of a built-in button thing (kind of like how lots of plugins now have a “dice” button for randomizing settings). It’s just an efficient way of getting unique sounds and then tweaking them to suit your needs rather than having to build something from the ground up every time.

yeah, maybe if Vital had some sort of plugin/modding support, but I don’t think we can expect to see that for atleast a very long time.

Also, if you install python on your system, you should be able to just run from the source code.