Fully Randomized Vital Preset

I’ve been working on a python package, vitfov, to split vital presets into individual object components. I’ve gotten a working result building presets from the ground up and then randomizing them, here’s the first :slight_smile:
Stochasticity.vital (152.7 KB)

The package won’t be complete very soon–as I still have to dive into testing, documenting, polishing, ect.–but when it’s done, you will be able to insert an existing vital preset and split into workable components or build a new preset from the ground up. You can randomize specific sections by default or build your own custom functions to process vital presets (such as set the oversampling for your entire library). I think it will be interesting to see where procedural/stochastic sound design in general goes in the future. Stay tuned for the release!

Super Alpha Beta Gamma Not Ready Version

If you really want to try and get this to work, the only dependencies at the python standard library, so it shouldn’t be too bad, but good luck with using it doc-less
vitfov on github