Patch: How to use Audio Rate Modulation to provide for "Clean Fundamental" / Leave One Cycle Out Patch

Here’s a trick you can use when you have Audio Rate Modulation at hand.
Think of two oscillators, one is running any weird modulation you like.
The second is just running a clean sine wave - your fundamental tone.
Then use a LFO which is tuned -12 semitones. Think of what that means… it runs half as fast as the Oscillators.
So during ONE wave cycle of the LFO there are TWO wave cycles of the oscillators.
Now please use a Square wave for the LFO and Switch on/off the two oscillators vice versa.
Only modulate the first one. Leave the second a sine…
It gives you whatever modulation you like but still a clear fundamental…
Tipp check out the wave form below. It depicts one axample of slicing a sawtooth (tuned +12) and a fundamental sine :wink: So you can use this template and exchange the sawtooth for whatever weird stuff you like, but still have the clear sine as well.

BTW: I have learnt this trick from Fathom Synth

Leave One Out.vital (320.0 KB)


very cool idea man, will put it to good use :slight_smile:

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