Oscillator as modulation source

just as a crazy insane feature, would it be ok if Vital could sneak in Oscillators 1-3 and Sample as a mono/bipolar modulation source?

it’s ok if it was just an easter egg feature with a secret passcode or something.

The idea is that the outputs of the oscillators and sampler are floating point audio numbers moving between -1 and +1 and i think it would be fun (and possibly dangerous) to send those numbers wherever in the matrix.


would be kinda like control voltage things lol, i like this idea

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and could use a wavetable etc as an LFO source if it’s tuned down real low.
also FM (PM really) without the need of using the second filter as a special FM mode, possibly changing the way FM is expressed under unison conditions.


I have sequential pro-3 and take-5 synths - they have this function. And I really don’t understand why in digital synths this feature is not welcomed. At least I cannot remember any vst which can use oscillator as modulation source. So Vital - be really the best, give us this function!

here is foto of pro-3 display.

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