Wavetables as modulators/lfo shapes

Would be the coolest Thing ever especially for rsynthezising presets to wavetables, but in General to create from randomish sounding pseudo glitches to insanely complex fractal Sounds. In General I am fascinated on how to evolve a soundsource over the length of a Track as IT feels more organic when all Leads were created from a single Molecule and which seemingly forever unfolds a new Facette of that one Energy. might Just start updating with some specific ideas when thes come to my Mind.


kinda like suggestion at Oscillator as modulation source

yeah kinda like that, didn’t know it existed, but I’d guess maybe just this or the option of importing this might be slightly more realistic, but the similarities between suggestions cannot be granted denial

The difference is that if you can use a wavetable as an LFO, you can still run that wavetable super slow and without sacrificing one of the oscillators.