OpenGL warning and black screen - no GUI

I’ll counter that argument by saying if you want to run modern plugins you’d be better off having modern hardware. I get it that not everybody can afford the latest hardware but there is a point where you can expect developers to stop supporting your system and OS.

Just how far back should a plugin support legacy systems ? WinXP ?

Like I said my internet system is hardly state of the art and still runs Vital just fine. It hardly has “high end graphics”.

But having said all that I hope there is a solution that lets everyone use Vital although I wonder if a system can’t handle the graphics how it will handle the audio…

So you are running Vital in your old 2012’s PC. You are in luck teksonik. In my case, I’m not on WinXP but Windows 10. And also lucky of me that with my old PC can run great virtual synths like SynthMaster One and 2, Diversion, Thorn, some u-He and many others flawlessly.
As I said, not just me, many people are out of luck because we are not capable of work with Vital. That’s why I’m (and others users) asking Mr. Tytel if possible take a look to the OpenGL limitation that affect some old PCs in this moment. Just that.


And that’s why I said “I hope there is a solution that lets everyone use Vital”. I imagine it’s just a matter of what graphics adapter/driver you’re using. Yes I got lucky that my old internet system runs Vital but if it didn’t I would understand. But if this old system which is just an 8 year old business machine that I purchased refurbished last year only for internet duties can run Vital then the bar is not set that high. We keep asking developers to push the quality, features, and functions of modern plugins so we need to keep up with our technology as well. But again I hope a version is released that lets everyone enjoy Vital but I would caution not take features and functions away from this current build just to support legacy systems.

Maybe it’s better when Vital don’t work in my PC, I already have ~15 favorite plugin synths, so Vital would be the 16th. Please don’t make that working in non-OpenGL mode, I want to decrease my plugins number! :))

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Thank you for making me laugh… in recognition of what’s actually true for me as well. Your comment caused me to seriously ponder the fact that if going forward, nothing new worked on my old laptop, I would still have an amazing set of tools, that not that long ago, would have been considered miraculous. If I can’t make the music that calls me with what I already have, I should hang it up… :sunglasses:

PS: I would still LOVE to be able to use Vital on my old laptop!

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I have a 2011 Sweetwater Creation Station PC running Windows 10 with an onboard Intel Graphics Card (Drivers are updated to latest) and Cakewalk By Bandlab DAW and am getting this message

“Vital requires OpenGL version 1.4 - Supported version1.208”

When I try to open Vital there is only a black screen but it does have the part at the top where you can
change presets and it does make a sound when I play my MIDI keyboard. Not able to change presets or anything else.

Am trying to learn more about OpenGL and hoping to either be able to find a way to update with my current graphics card or find a very affordable graphics card that will have OpenGL Version 1.4

Does anyone think that Matt will do something about this problem?

Any thoughts or suggestions will be most appreciated.

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I found a graphics card that will no doubt be an upgrade for your onboard Intel graphics. Only $52 new.

Just search Amazon for “MSI Gaming GeForce GT 710”. I’d post the direct link but the Amazon link is a mile long.

“2GB GDRR3 64-bit HDCP Support DirectX 12 OpenGL 4.5”

The question is if you are able to install an other graphic card and the internal graphic could be disabled or deaktivated. Otherwise there could be confilcts between internal (onboard) and aditional graphic.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your taking the time to help me with this.

Found it on Amazon - sold by and shipped by Amazon for $35.99.

Wishing you all the best!

Many happy hours with Vital!

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Greetings Community,

After knocking my head against my computer and scouring the internet all afternoon, I have decided that my old laptop has bit me in the backside once again. Yes, I have the black screen problem. I believe that the graphics card in my laptop is just too old. Here’s what I can say about my computer and the issue I’m facing:

Error Message:
Vital requires OpenGL version: 1.4
Supported version: 1.208

Lenovo Z560
Intel i3 CPU M370 @2.40GHz
8G RAM 64-bit OS
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

Display Adapter:
Intel HD Graphics (up to date)

If anyone can support or refute my hunch, please speak up and I’d be most appreciative.



According to the link below the CPU had a launch date in 2010 and the graphics are “Intel® HD Graphics for Previous Generation Intel® Processors”.

So it’s possible the system is just to old to run Vital.

Thank you, teksonik. I must continue saving my pennies…

I ordered the MSI Gaming GeForce GT 710 from Amazon and it installed with no problem
and now Vital is working just fine.

Thanks so much Teksonik!!

2011 Sweetwater Creation Station
Intel DH55HC motherboard
Windows 10
Cakewalk by Bandlab


You’re most welcome. Glad I could help. :smiley:

I’m another person just putting in that I have the same error too, and many other do with the opengl thing.vAnd I AINT running on a ancient pc like these guys on the forum. That’s All, just wanted to check in my number :joy::joy::rofl::sweat_smile:

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Hi pnlredhood25,

I have a nine year old computer:

2011 Sweetwater Creation Station
Intel DH55HC motherboard
Windows 10
Cakewalk by Bandlab

Teksonic recommended this video card:

MSI Gaming GeForce GT 710

I ordered it from Amazon and it installed with no problem and it solved the Vital blank screen problem.



this synth is a True Gift. I hope I can use it one day without trouble.
I am having black screens too. Not from beginning but it won‘t take long.
It‘s really hard for me to find a hint why it won’t work.
I‘m getting that error on a HP ZBook G2 with a Nvidia Quadro K2100m. They say that this Graphic Card supports OpenGL 4.3 and the Video Tests in OpenGL Extension viewer even works with OpenGL 4.5 without trouble.
The system is optimized for sound applications and I did all steps for having no troubles with audio spikes. Like in LatencyMon all Status are fine as in GPU-Z. There is still space in temperature etc.
I guess there must be something I missed.

Hope I get this awesome guy running, otherwise I have to switch my notebook.
So many useful tutorials for sound design and so easy to understand what and how things happen in this synth. I am missing absolutely nothing in this plug-in, except being stable in my DAW :unamused:

Maybe someone of you knows what else could help.

Just want to post this again for those of you with older desktop PCs.

I have a nine year old computer:

2011 Sweetwater Creation Station
Intel DH55HC motherboard
Windows 10
Cakewalk by Bandlab

Teksonic recommended this video card:

MSI Gaming GeForce GT 710
$52.57 on Amazon

It installed with no problem and solved the Vital blank screen problem.
Vital has been working very well ever since with no issues.

Hope this helps.

I’m also getting the black screen of doom thanks to OpenGL not supported on my (somewhat) older system. I really use mostly presets with light tweaking, it would be great to have a UI light version of Vital without the OpenGL requirement. Thanks.

The answer may be to install the motherboard chipset drivers from the manufacturer.

I have Vital working on Intel (R) HD Graphics. An old SVGA chip built onto the motherboard.

I had a working version of Vital. Then reinstalled a fresh copy of windows, installed VGA drivers, used a utility to check the openGL version which reported v3.1.

Vital did not work and displayed an error that I did not have OpenGL. I hadn’t installed the chipset drivers so tootled off to ASUS support for my motherboard and downloaded the last set of drivers. After chipset driver install, Vital awesome synth is back up and running.

Sneaky little issue that one. Would be good if it helps in other cases.