OpenGL warning and black screen - no GUI

Downloaded, Installed , then got a nice black window with an error message:
Vital requires OpenGL version 1.4
Supported version: 1.3

Is there a workaround, or I should forget this synth?
In my environment (win10 64bit, Reaper) other synths like Pigments, Avenger, Phase Plant … etc are running without problems…


im having the same issue.i tryed downloading the openGL and it said its not compatitable with my pc…i have windows 10 64bit and 64 bit daw’s

Looks like the graphics card is too old and is not working with needed OpenGL version.

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This sounds like an issue with the driver for your (ancient?) graphics card. If it is still supported by the vendor, try to update that first. I have an Intel 620 integrated and an Nvidia MX150, both showing support for OpenGL 4.6 in GPU-Z

but why would my graphic card be out dated i just bought this computer unless it doesnt have a graphic card.i ordered this computer with the system req. for SONAR X1 producer.

Could you tell us what graphics card you have installed? OpenGL 1.3 was released back in 2001

The numbering is odd. I think this comes from the JUCE library. Maybe someone can explain

if directx is a graphic card i think thats what i have

Directx is like OpenGL but from Microsoft. Can you install GPU-Z?
There the name of your card is showing.

Directx is a developer library similar to OpenGL that unifies calls to the graphics card in a vendor neutral way. It is not your graphics card. Try this advice from PC Mag:

  • Open the Start menu on your PC, type “Device Manager,” and press Enter. You should see an option near the top for Display Adapters. Click the drop-down arrow, and it should list the name of your GPU right there. …

Under Device Manager under Display Adapters I have this:
ASUS EAH4770 Series

its a intel Q45/Q43 express chipset (microsoft corp WDDM 1.1…what can i do/

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Sorry Chris, the Q45/43 does only support OpenGL 2.1. For Vital you need a card with at least 3.0 support.

naw see its telling me i need a at aleast 1.4 version in the vital menu

Same here black GUI and asks for OpenGL 1.4 My graphics card is : intel® hd graphics 3000
Anyone knows how can i fix this ? Never had any issues like this with any Vst in the past.

I do not know exactly.
In the specs on the homepage is written:

System Requirements:
OpenGL 3 or higher

The Q45/43 has support for OpenGL 2.1 but there is no driver for windows 10 from intel.
Maybe you can try the driver from here?

Downloaded, installed, restarted pc, but the problem and the error message is the same.
However I have win10, but there was no win10 driver so I downloaded the WIN7 version

Hey Matt,

Any chance of a fix for us lame old schooler’s with less than impressive OpenGL stats? Say, offer a Vital version that can run in non-OpenGL mode? iZotope offers this option in their plugs, which has been great for running on older machines. It’s such a tease, in that I see all of the parameters in Waveform, yet making a custom faceplate is not gonna cut it, especially since I can’t even select presets using that approach.

Please, oh please don’t make this the reason I have to upgrade from this perfectly capable old friend of mine.



I have seen many users who have not been able to use Vital due to problems with OpenGL. I am one more of them. This comment is with the hope that Mr. Tytel will find a solution that will allow mainly users with “old computers” to use Vital in the near future.


People want fancy graphics like modulation and wavetable animations. This is the cost of such a feature.

Maybe a version that disables all animation could be released for older systems.

For the record my internet system is a rather quite dated i5 3470 which is a CPU that has a launch date of 2012 with onboard Intel graphics and Vital runs just fine on it…