No JACK support in Vital 1.5 standalone under Linux

When I start Vital 1.5.5 standalone under Linux, the audio driver selector only shows ALSA. Going back in time, Vital 1.5.1 also exhibits this behavior, whereas Vital 1.0.8 has JACK.

Have others here noticed this issue? Maybe found a solution?

Does this older thread help?

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Not much unfortunately, I had already read it before posting.

Vital 1.5 CLAP works fine with the latest Carla host (2.6.0-alpha1) as far as routing audio and MIDI events are concerned. This is one way to work around the issue and have JACK connectivity, however Vital UI suffers from huge latency with that Carla version, which makes it a pain to use. That is an entirely different issue, and may well be a Carla issue, or a video driver issue.

So right now it seems there is a choice of Vital standalone with ALSA, or Vital CLAP with JACK. Vital standalone used to have and should have JACK connectivity.

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